Teen Interpretation Gone Wrong

Seventeen-year-old J came home from his after school job and found me upstairs in my room, putting away laundry*.

I asked him about school and work and then we talked about family plans for the weekend. He mentioned that his girlfriend wanted to know if he was busy tonight. I said, “I don’t know. Are you? All I need for you to do tonight is put away your laundry.”

He said, “Okay, I’ll find out if she wants to hang out and…”

His text notification went off and he looked at his phone.

“Yep, she wants to hang out. So I guess I’m going to put away my laundry, make my wings, and pick her up.”

“Make your wings???” I said. “You mean, like, LEAVE?”

*blink, blink*

“What??” he asked.

I repeated myself. “Make your wings. You said that you were going to ‘make your wings’ and pick her up. I just wondered if ‘make my wings’ is some new slang I didn’t know about, you know, meaning ‘to leave’.”

I wish you all could have seen his face.

I wish you all could have then seen my face when he said, “NO, Mom. I am going to cook my leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings** so that I can eat them, and THEN I am going to LEAVE.”

“Oh,” I said. “That makes sense too.”

*Wow, right? That hardly ever happens these days!
**Jim and J went out to dinner last night, just for fun. This is not a sponsored post.