I Have Made This Pumpkin Bread Recipe Approximately 231,945 Times. Still Awesome.

Yesterday I attended my first Chicago Food Swap since April because my crazy schedule prohibited me from attending the summer swaps. I was doubly excited for this one because our host (who generously donated the space!) was Dave at the new Savory Spice Shop in Lincoln Square. Lincoln Square is a German neighborhood in Chicago so I bet you can imagine how happy I was to make the drive. I asked Jim if he wanted to tag along and then grab dinner at the Chicago Brauhaus, where they’re currently celebrating Oktoberfest*, and he was all in.

The swap was as fun as it always is, and we returned home with peanut butter cups, homemade Garam Masala (an Indian spice mix: thanks, Emily!), applesauce, apple pie filling, spicy chickpeas, goat cheese and black bean dip, blueberry syrup, freshly picked herbs, and a few other goodies!

What did I swap? I brought loaves of my famous chocolate chip banana bread as well as some pumpkin bread, another family favorite. I have literally made this pumpkin bread since kindergarten when my mom came in and helped my class bake it.

In my quest to not actually become a food blogger while I, at the same time, try out food blogger-ish things in my now-occasionally regular posts about food, I got myself a recipe plug-in to make the recipe look all attractive for you and such, not to mention easy to print. But first, look at this adorable recipe card I handwrote for my Grandma back in the day:

And now, the updated, legible (and not as cute but pretty close) version. Make this for your family and they will follow you anywhere. Enjoy!

Pumpkin Bread

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]*Remind me sometime to tell you about how, at the Chicago Brauhaus, our group became contestants in a yodeling contest, how Tracey and Jim won that contest, and how we think Michelle might have gotten engaged to the guitar player in the oompa band after he played her request. It’s a great story.


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