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    Women ARE Driving Excellence At The Chicago Auto Show!!

    The city of Chicago has lots of February traditions (besides MORE SNOW, ugh). One of the biggies is the Chicago Auto Show, which will be held at McCormick Place and open to the public from February 8-17. The Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in North America and, because my feet have carried me around the one million square feet of display space that the show takes up in the North and South Exhibit Halls, I can reiterate that yeah, it’s HUGE. One of the special events going on is Women’s Day, which happens on Tuesday, February 11. Women get into the auto show that day for $6…

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    How Does Your Family Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

    Today I thought I’d show you the first part of a video series I’m involved with (along with several of my beautiful Chicago blogger friends!), produced by MJ Tam for the Chicagonista Live show. The series is called “Our Voices” (#OurVoices). I love many things about this particular video, but my favorite is the Barbara Walters/Oprah-style lighting that worked miracles I’ve never seen before. I’m working on a way to have that light follow me around everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!