Didn’t Enjoy a Tombstone in Tombstone, But We Ate Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Tucson.


We took a lovely drive today, taking the scenic route from Tucson through Sonoita and down to Tombstone.


I told the kids before we left that I wanted to make sure that we ate a Tombstone pizza in Tombstone, but as it is a real old west town, there was no pizza to be had. There were lots of re-enacters walking around though, trying to get tourists to come and watch the OK Corral gun show. It was a really cool little place.


We visited a shop called “The Rhinestone Cowboy” (he sells polished stones and jewelry from the area), and he was super nice, giving us some history of the area and telling us not to eat in town: to wait until we got to Bisbee. We walked around Tombstone for a couple of hours and picked up some souvenirs, and then got back into our “Luxury Vehicle”. (Some people give their cars names like “Sally” or “Georgia”; we call ours “The Luxury Vehicle”, because we probably won’t ever actually own one!)

We drove another 25 minutes down to Bisbee. Another fun town! Bisbee reminds me of Galena, Illinois. It has a Main Street with a variety of art galleries and other shops. Bisbee is known for copper mining, so of course we saw lots of copper art. We enjoyed a late lunch there and then, after perusing the shops, got back in the car and took the highway back to Tucson.

Dinner? Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (didn’t you read my title??) at BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria and Microbrewery (I don’t think that’s the full name of the restaurant, though…can’t remember!). It was hellagood.

Today’s plan includes driving down to Tubac, which is an artist’s community. Sounds like fun to me!

By the way, this morning I ALMOST have complete range of motion in my arms, which means Jim can stop calling me “T” (for T-Rex). And we both have massages booked on Saturday! Woo hoo!

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  • Kat

    It sounds like you guys are having a great time. Thank you for sharing the pictures. How I envy you for being in AZ, where the sun is shining and it is probably warm…Enjoy