Does Offer the Answer to This Question?

Why, oh why, does Roxie wait to do her business until we are at the farthest point from home on a walk?

Does she intentionally want me to have to carry a bag of poo for as long as possible??


  • Kat

    ROFL I suppose she does it either to let you carry her poo (though I sincerely doubt that) or she just wants to hold it in so you get to spend enough time together on your walks.

  • Melisa

    Joo-ie: GREAT IDEA! I think I may do that! How funny would that be! That’s sort of like making a kid who is going through potty training clean up their own accidents. Or something like that.

    Kat: Yes, that must be it: she wants more quality time! ROFL!

    Andie: Must be a Species thing. I do the same. I especially like the walks on trash day. LOL

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