She’s Always Been Pretty Smart Smart

I just found out the hard way that Roxie likes Dum Dums. A lot.

Let’s leave it at that.


  • abritdifferent

    I hope the high didn’t last too long.

    Oh, and btw, while I remember, if you’d like a postcard, drop me your address to myfavgame [at] hotmail[dot] com.

  • Mom24

    The Elkhound we had a long time ago had a sweet tooth. We had a heart attack when she ate a whole bag of Hershey kisses–wrappers and all! We had always heard how dangerous chocolate is for dogs, but it didn’t hurt her one bit. One day she ate a whole bag of swedish fish. I miss her. She was a good dog.

  • Jules

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, see, therein lies the problem with Rox, she might just be TOO smart. I’m convinced when nobody is home that she sits cross-legged on the couch reading the newspaper.

    Can’t wait to hear this “tale”.

    Also, Mom24’s Elkhound might have been a relative of Bijoux’s, no?!?! I mean, they both did the chocolate & wrappers buffet!

    House of Jules

  • Melisa

    Melissa: I TOLD YOU SO!

    Siobhan: Oddly enough, she’s always on a “sugar-high” type of high, so I didn’t notice a difference.

    Stacey: Yes, our other beagle did that and we had to have her stomach pumped. Gross.

    Joodie: The image of her on the couch reading the paper is HILARIOUS. She probably lets herself out of her cage and helps herself to a snack first.