I Thought That Hard Work Would Bring Me Success As A Writer. Maybe I Have To Break The Law…

I was so excited to locate this clip today. It’s one of those short films on SNL from the 80’s (Eddie Murphy era) that we watched and quoted countless times. (In fact, we STILL quote this one, even more than 20 years later…)

If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole thing, AT LEAST go to the 1:02 mark for the best part.

Happy Friday!


  • House of Jules

    I love that we actually have committed that whole “poem” to memory for all this time. I said it right along with Eddie. So glad they put this online!
    C-I-L-L. My Lan-Lawd!
    House of Jules

  • Joeprah

    That was great. I vaguely remember the Eddie Murphy days…Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood and Buckwheat are the characters I remember the most. The writing was so much better then.

  • Melisa

    Joeprah: *heavy sigh*…unfortunately, I remember the Eddie Murphy days a few years better than you…

  • KathyLikesPink


    Totally hilarious! I’d forgotten how funny the Eddie Murphy years were. SNL started in 1975 when I was in high school – I still consider those the Glory Days – of both myself and the show!
    (I loved Eddie Murphy as Gumby, Dammit!)

  • House of Jules

    I think it’s so ingrained in our memory banks because we watched the home-videotaped versions of SNL a million times. Between that and Delirious, we have Eddie Murphy quotes for DAYS. Booooo, Boooooo, I’m under the bed now!