My Monday Will Definitely Be Better Than My Saturday, So It’s All Good.

hug+poster Thanks so much to all of you who commented over the weekend. I appreciate your support! I am hoping that the dealership will take my 2 1/2 year old car and suddenly find the exact thing wrong with it; otherwise I’m doomed to have it all repeat like “Groundhog Day”, and frankly I don’t think I have any tears left. I will be calling the dealership after I finish this post, to secure my rental car which I will pick up this afternoon.

On the bright side, I have a Tina Turner concert to attend tonight with Julesie, providing her airplane from Key West arrives on time. As usual, she’s playing it fast and loose with deadlines: her arrival time is less than 3 hours before the concert. We will, as it turns out, have the floor seats (which is awesome!); I am really excited about who bought the set of balcony seats that Julesie originally intended for the two of us: Deb and Super Dave from my Wednesday night spin class! I am really excited they’re coming; I am driving us all there so we’ll get some good hang-out time in the car and before the concert.

In the comments, Huckdoll asked about my little graphic/photo, so I thought I’d post the information about how to make your own little cute graphic. I originally got this link from Nukedad, and besides over the weekend, I used it on the follow-up to my post about the paper clip maniac at work. The possibilities with this website are really endless. Click here to be whisked away (in a separate window!) to the Parody Motivator Generator.

Thanks again; I hope everybody out there has a fabulous Monday!


  • Mags

    Woo hooo! Tina Turner tonight!! Can’t wait to hear about that. 🙂

    Sorry for lack of comments lately-dad/computer issues are making it hard. 🙁

  • devilish southern belle

    I hope all goes well w/your car; sorry I wasn’t around this weekend to offer support then!

    Have fun @ the show tonight! I am going to see Danzig this weekend, so I am very excited about that! WE all need that kind of break every now and then!

  • angie goff

    Ohhhh! SEnding you an enormous hug! Hope it all gets worked out! In the meanwhile.. leave it to Melisa to still give give give..when she’s just about out. Thanks for the link…

  • Michelle

    Fingers crossed for your car! And floor seats for Tina? You’re really doing the concerts up right lately, aren’t you? I promise, I’m not at allllllll jealous!