One Word? Are You Kidding Me?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely, “also-doesn’t-like-her-foods-touching-each-other” Michelle at Honest and Truly to do another crazy meme, so here goes! I’m going to try my best to not cheat, as Michelle totally did (by using more than one word answers!); but I can’t guarantee anything because I constantly feel the need to explain myself…keep your fingers crossed!

The rules?
Answer the following questions in one word and then pass it on to seven others.

Where is your cell phone? Charger.

Where is your significant other? Outside.

Your hair color? Brown

Your mother? Creative

Your father? Funny

Your favorite thing? Family

Your dream last night? None

Your dream/goal? Satisfaction

The room you’re in? Basement

Your hobby? Blogging

Your fear? Failing

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Relaxed

Where were you last night? Couch.

What you’re not? Shy

One of your wish-list items? Vacation

Where you grew up? Chicagoland

Last thing you did? Sleep

What are you wearing? Clothes

Your TV? On

Your pet? Naughty

Your computer? Non-Mac

Your mood? Happy

Missing someone? Yes

Your car? Crap

Something you’re not wearing? Necklace

Favorite store? Target

Your summer? Busy

Love someone? Absolutely

Your favorite color? Red

When is the last time you laughed? Dinner

Last time you cried? Forget

Ugh. That was hard! Believe me, I totally wanted to expand on my answers like Michelle did, but I resisted. Call me Ms. Will Power. (Wish that extended to my eating habits…)

I have to tag seven folks, and honestly I can’t remember who has done this one or not so obviously if you have, you’re off the hook. And if you hate memes, you’re off the hook. Otherwise, it’s on like Donkey Kong! And Nukedad? I know you’d do it if I tagged you, but I’m saving it up for some random favor in the future that I may hate to ask you about. LOL

I hereby tag:

1. WEASELMOMMA!! (Number one on the list, this time! LOL)
2. Kat
3. Katie
4. Sue
5. Andie
6. Momo
7. Colleen



  • Melisa

    Ang, are YOU telling ME what I’m wearing? LOL I haven’t put it on yet: I just got up and am not feeling like I’m in a tiara-wearing mood yet. If I had waited to do this little meme until later this morning then absolutely I would have had the tiara on…

  • Kat

    LOL and I thought you as the Queen of all Tiara Wearing Bloggers would put on your tiara first thing in the morning.

    Please do not destroy my illusion.

  • Michelle

    Ummm. I didn’t cheat. I didn’t, really. Words inside parens don’t count. I’ve been told that by many people in the past. And my husband just brought me breakfast (because I’m working in my hotel room) and I’m having issues because during the travel to the room, it’s now touching! 🙂

  • Melisa

    Michelle: Words inside parentheses must work the same way as how, when I eat a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese & french fries, there is no fat or calories as long as I drink a Diet Coke with it. Bwahahaha!

    And by the way, the horror of room service food! Ughhhhhh! (He meant well, though.) 🙂

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    ‘kay – I’ll have to play along, I guess {she says secretly happy she has another post planned for nablopomo}.