In This Case, I’m The One Wearing the Snowshoes.

Everytime I mention that I’m taking the dog snowshoeing, people are fascinated by the idea of a beagle wearing snowshoes.

Seriously people, I’m the one wearing the snowshoes. To my knowledge, snowshoes for dogs don’t exist*.

Anyway, I wanted to get a workout in today, so I got her ready and we headed out. I decided to document it for posterity (and by “posterity”, I mean “my blog”). Before I show you the first video segment, I need to get a “Holla!” and maybe a “Woot!” or two: between hanging onto the dog who was trying to jerk me in every direction, my snowshoes (before I put them on), my poles, and the camera, I was doing a fabulous, yet very difficult, balancing act all in the name of blogging. Can I get a “What-what”?


Here’s the other segment. Please pay no attention to my huffing and puffing. Workout conditions are hella-hard when you’re snowshoeing, and I was totally out of breath. Sexy, huh?

One more action shot–my fave!–for the road…

Stay warm, everybody!

Though they do make boots for dogs, I don’t have a set for Roxie. Generally I am just careful to not take her out for an extended walk when the temperature is too cold. I know that when dogs exercise, the blood flow warms the pads on their feet.



  • Kim M.

    Okay FIRST! I swear it looks like she’s the lead dog in the Iditorod (sp???) and she’s pulling you! Second-I love how near the people that usually have the other dogs, she is sniff sniff sniffing EVERHTHING and not even looking up (pardon the typos, but just had new nails put on and too hard to type) and third, her little body barely breaks the snow sometimes and she just dances across it! LOVE YOUR DOG! Thanks for tweeting me about it… it was the first thing when I got home tonight!

  • k a t i e

    There’s going to be a number of silly things posted. Please ignore them – I’m a very isolated little Aussie.

    Firstly…you’re like a REAL American! (LOVE the accent. I could listen to you talk FOR HOURS. I basically just want to hear you say ‘golf course’ again).

    Secondly: Roxie is like a REAL Beagle with the stop/sniff/stand with one paw up thing. Adorable.

    Thirdly: It’s like REAL snow! Ohhhhhh! *wipes away a single tear of happiness*

    And last but not least…

    Yes. Yes I am keeping warm somewhere. 38C degrees warm. It’s 9:30am. Ugggh.

  • Dea

    I love how much beagles adore the snow!!! I can’t believe you have snow shoes – that’s so totally cool! And your dog is so cool!

    I want to borrow my dad’s skis on Thur when my mom takes the kids, I think – that is, if the snow holds out. Man, it would be nice!!! 😀

  • Melisa with one S

    Yo Joe! I had no idea you’ve been lurking. I guess you’re one of the ones coming up in Sitemeter as “Chicago” (that limits it down, doesn’t it!) Okay, so now you’re only half a lurker. 🙂

    Kim: “Great Minds”! I was thinking she looked like a sled dog, too. 🙂 And Gawd, I hope you’ll be wearing the black and white dress too: I can’t wait to see!

    Katie: I AM like a real American! ROFL! I’m 100% Pure American. Totally, dude. I actually went back to my video and listened to myself saying “Golf course” several times to see what all your fuss was about. (I don’t have an accent: YOU DO! ha ha) Didn’t sound like anything special to me…but then I could listen to *you* all day too! 🙂

    Weaselmomma: Thanks! I felt the enthusiasm all the way over here, 10 min. away!

    Momo: That sounds like fun to me, too! 🙂

    Siobhan: It’s cooler to hear YOU. I’d love to get you and Katie in the same room so I could get the whole Scottish/Aussie experience all at once!

    Deanna: Totally borrow the skis. It’s a hard workout but SO fun and so different. And you already know it’s good to crosstrain!

  • Michelle

    Very impressive, Lady. I will admit that I was going to make fun of you for snowshoeing on perfectly well shoveled sidewalk, but then I saw the second video 😉

    Apparently, I need a dog to have the excuse to do things like this. Just. Not. Worth. It. 😉

  • Sue

    I am very impressed that you were able to video and snowshoe and walk the dog and TALK! I love that Katie thinks you have an accent and could listen to you all day(Not that I couldn’t) , but I actually could listen to Australians talk all day!

    Love the last shot!

  • Melisa with one S

    Michelle: Ha! Yes, snowshoeing on the sidewalk *would* be much easier, wouldn’t it?

    Sue: Me too! (on all of it!)

    Nukedad: Maybe I need another beagle…