Face It, This Isn’t Your Best Face.

We had our fall event at the salon today, and a woman came in to approach my boss about doing some eyebrow threading and other services that we don’t currently offer. She picked the wrong day and time to come in (and yes, she came in knowing that we were having an event). My boss spoke with her for a few minutes and then finally dragged herself away, at which time the woman gave her some business cards.

I checked them out, and nearly exploded. I know that people make mistakes (and yes, I do, too!), but someone trying to represent themselves on marketing materials in the hopes of getting new business should definitely have said materials proofread.

1. The word in this case is “Licensed”, not “License”.
2. The word in this case is “Cosmetologist”, not “Cosmotoligist”, which makes me think of the Jetsons.
3. An “Aesthetician” specializes in aesthetics, as in “the theory of beauty and artistic expression* (source: free online dictionary). An “Esthetician” gives facials.

Ugh. Call me picky (and if you do, you’ll have to call Michelle picky as well, since we have similar pet peeves!), but this kind of thing drives me bonkers!

*I did find one dictionary with this “old” spelling of a facial-giving technician, but the word without the A is what is generally accepted in the 21st century.