Hot Off The Presses! Wigilia!

When my boys, now eighteen and nearly sixteen (ouch, it always hurts to type that), were little, we always had talks around this time of year about how people celebrate different holidays from each other, and sometimes the same holidays as each other but in different ways. They loved checking books out of the library at school that they could bring home and read, learning about all kinds of celebrations. They grew up having a very firm grasp of Judaism but with a great attitude about embracing all of their friends and the way they experienced different aspects of life (including religion), too.

In my weekend post promoting books written by my friends, I accidentally overlooked (whoops! sorry Pauline!) the most recent release, which you should really check out if your little ones are anything like mine were.

Pauline Karwowski, who blogs at Classy Chaos, has just published a beautiful book for children called Wigilia (pronounced vee-GHEEL-yah).

The story inside is about three Polish-American children (hmm. Pauline has three children, and THEY are Polish-American! I wonder if there’s a connection!) on Christmas Eve.

Pauline is (and rightfully so) very, very proud of this book. In my opinion, it seems like she is just as proud of writing and publishing the book itself as she is to have done a wonderful service to the people of her heritage, by telling a story that helps carry on Polish traditions. I know that if–ahem, I mean WHEN, because it is on my list!–I write a Jewish children’s book, it will mean just as much to me.

Anyway, I’m really excited for Pauline, not only because of the release of the book but also because she’s got it goin’ on in the marketing department. I’ve been following her progress in this area and I’m really proud of how she’s getting the word out.

Please check out Pauline’s new book at her website by clicking here. You can buy it there, too, by the way!



  • LceeL

    I bought one Saturday!!! From HER!! And I got a HUG and everything. And she signed my book and I'm going to keep it forever and ever.

    The book, by the way, is charming – well written with lovely illustrations.

  • MaNiC MoMMy™

    Great review Melis! And I'm sure you will write your Jewish children's book too! Way to go Pauline! Congrats to you!