World’s Largest Shamrock Shake? Yes, Please!

To say that I’m a fan of the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is a gross understatement. See?

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Here I am with one of the approximately 500 Shamrock Shakes I consumed last year.

To me, Shamrock Shake season is even better than Girl Scout Cookie season. Ask my Facebook friends: they can vouch for my obsession.

It’s because of my Shamrock Shake madness that I was extremely interested in the fact that McDonald’s was, in celebration of Chicago’s grand St. Patrick’s Day tradition, floating the World’s Largest Shamrock Shake down the Chicago River.

Until I found out that I wouldn’t get to drink it. (Kidding. Can you IMAGINE??)

From the press release I received:
“The 12-foot cup will include a giant domed lid (4 feet x 8 feet) and straw (8 feet), which is a true representation of a Clear Cup Shamrock Shake. During the River Dying Celebration, the cup will be positioned on its side, appearing to spill into the Chicago River, thereby contributing to the vivid emerald green color of the water.”

So cool.

Most importantly (yes, even more notable than the World’s Largest Shamrock Shake), the boat-shake was a celebration of the long-standing relationship between the Shamrock Shake and the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana (In 1974, the first Ronald McDonald House was built in Philadelphia with help from proceeds from the minty green shakes!). Currently, the RMHC CNI is working on building the world’s largest Ronald McDonald House, right here in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood.

On Friday, the McDonald’s Operators of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana’s (MOCNI), sponsors of the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade, donated $10,000 to help build the new Ronald McDonald House.

I knew that Shamrock Shakes were good, but now? Whoa. Excuse to enjoy more of them, perhaps?

Here are some pictures, taken by Jeff Schear and used with permission from the RMHC CNI:

shamrock shake IMG 1979
shamrock shake IMG 2096
shamrock shake IMG 2175
Do you live in Chicago and want to donate towards the fund for the new Ronald McDonald House? (or do you live elsewhere and just love this charity and how it helps families?) Click here to learn more about the house and make a donation!