To The Best Of My Knowledge, Justin Timberlake Is Not Jewish.

Most of us blogging types get a kick out of/laugh at/love to see/are occasionally creeped out by the searches that lead people to our websites. Like everyone else, I imagine, I have some search terms that pop up regularly, driving a pretty decent amount of traffic to my blog. They usually make sense to me. People who are trying to figure out the best gift to buy for an Eagle Scout find their way here, as do people who are wrestling with the decision over whether to get–or sadly, get rid of–a dog.

Hands down though, the search that is most puzzling to me and brings people here a few times each week is the question “Is Justin Timberlake Jewish?”

No. He is not. (To my knowledge. I mean, not that I know everything but I am about 99.9% sure he is NOT.)

I mean, really, I just did a Google search as if I were curious, and at the very top of the search results it says, “Best Guess for Justin Timberlake Religion is Baptist” and then it goes on to say that this is mentioned on more than three websites including Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Not that we need to believe everything we read, but it seems like the facts are out there.

I’m not sure why anyone cares anyway. I think Justin Timberlake is fantastic (and as a Jew myself would love to claim him as one of “ours”, just to be silly), but I don’t consider the religion of celebrities–or “regular folks” for that matter–when it comes to how much I admire them for their talent. (I do occasionally consider their character though, when it gets turned loose in the public arena: hear that, Mel Gibson?)

What do you think? In this current world where we eat up celebrity information like candy, do a celebrity’s religious beliefs or any other aspects of his or her private life matter (as long as they are keeping it private from their end, that is)?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy for the traffic. This one just puzzles me. By the way, this is the post that people scour, to find out the truth about Justin’s religion. Or something like that.