Thorns and Roses

Things that really annoyed me today, in no particular order:

1. Shorting myself on the amount of time I had to get ready for work, because I stayed up late last night and wanted to sleep a few extra minutes.
2. Someone who asked me how my weekend was, and then interrupted me just as I got started, to tell me about their weekend.
3. Hypochondria (not mine: I don’t suffer from it)
4. Roxie, getting stung by a bee at the farthest point possible from my house on our walk route.
5. Making my still-too-long to-do list.
6. People who complain constantly about certain things that are within their control but have no desire to make any changes.
7. My new-ish favorite sandals that I had planned to wear to BlogHer next week literally had a break-down, and now I need to find new shoes, quickly.

Things I was happy about today, in no particular order:

1. Even with construction traffic, I still arrived at work on time.
2. I got to chat with Sue today.
3. Roxie allowed me to lead her home after the sting rather than refusing to walk any further and forcing me to carry her.
4. I finally made the time to clean up my kitchen desk and put together all of the paperwork I need to take care of tomorrow, which will mean I’ll get a bunch of items on my to-do list done.
5. D and I made mini burgers for dinner together, and watched a couple of episodes of “Epic Meal Time”. (Never heard of it? I recommend starting with this one.)
6. The girl who was taking over at work after my shift was over accidentally came in an hour early, so I got an unexpected early end to my work day!
7. D and I watched “It’s Worth What?” together and couldn’t decide whether to make fun of it or recommend it to others, especially after this. Decided to recommend it. It’s like a really cool version of “Antiques Roadshow”.
8. I realized that I leave for San Diego one week from tomorrow.
9. I have more “roses” than “thorns”.


  • Heather

    sounds like an all in all you had a decent day! please tell me the new shoes we bought did NOT break already?!

    thanks again for the fun weekend! you made my week!

    • Melisa

      No, not the new shoes: my black ones that have the rip under where my big toe goes…I noticed that the heel is split and coming apart, too! GRRRRR!

    • Melisa

      You haven’t? She’s been stung once or twice before. It’s usually that darn curious nature of hers, sticking her face into flowers where bees happen to be resting. 🙂 This time she got it on the leg.

  • Lisa

    I thought about writing a post like this the other day about people who back into parking spaces but can’t do it properly so they sit over the lines…a lot. And then they give you the hairy eyeball b/c your door hits theirs. I might still write it, b/c I feel myself getting worked up again!

    YOU are a rose amongst many thorns.

  • As Cape Cod Turns

    2. Someone who asked me how my weekend was, and then interrupted me just as I got started, to tell me about their weekend.

    I can’t stand when someone asks you a question and then they butt in with another story.

    Yay that I was a plus to your day! 🙂