Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Bow Ties Can Now Be Your Bow Ties.

Remember back in September, how I told you that J’s workplace (The Tie Bar) has partnered with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his fiancee Justin Mikita, who founded an organization called Tie The Knot? I told you that Jesse was designing some bow ties and they would be sold through The Tie Bar, with all proceeds being donated to Tie The Knot in support of marriage equality.

Heck, just read the post, which includes Jesse and Justin’s adorable promo video.

ANYWAY, the launch party was in Los Angeles last night and it looks like it was quite the event. The founders of The Tie Bar (i.e. J’s bosses) were there, and my chin is still on the ground from looking at the photo gallery and seeing all of the celebrities with whom they were able to hob-knob. (Um, most of the “Modern Family” cast, Kristin Chenoweth, Aisha Tyler, Max Greenfield, Kathy Griffin, Weird Al Yankovic, Minnie Driver, Niecy Nash, Eliza Coupe, Tabatha Coffey, and I’m just getting started…OY!) It is also surreal looking at that photo gallery and seeing a picture of the two of them WITH Jesse and Justin. I’m so excited for their company: this is huge for them!

The bow ties are fantastic, too. They’re officially on sale as of today. Check them out here, and consider buying one (or two, or three): you’ll not only be supporting marriage equality but also keeping my seventeen-year-old busy at work!

Non-disclosure Disclosure: I received nothing but love for this PSA. Just wanted to share!