Last Call!

Tracey and I are nearing the end of a very important stage in the process of putting on LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER in Chicago: submissions (for the Chicago show only) are due this Tuesday!

Just in case you’ve missed all of the information, I’m going to send you to our show’s local page. For the last two weeks we’ve done a series of posts that provide reasons why you should submit an essay. I’m pretty proud of it. There’s a link at the end of each post that will take you to the page that details our submission guidelines.

We are SO EXCITED about what we’ve received so far. I mean, REALLY excited. I can’t really say anything else about it except to say that if we were at a ten (on a scale of one to ten) when it came to excitement about getting to work on the 2013 show before we even started receiving essays, now we are at about two million on the same scale.

This show is going to be good. If you’re local? You won’t want to miss it.

Check out our local show blog (and find submission information) by clicking here.