Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt: Okay, YUM.

Ever since I was in the hospital for pancreatitis this summer I have been doing my best to follow a low-fat diet, with little treats thrown in now and then because one must enjoy life, am I right? Admittedly the whole eating thing can be a challenge at our house, because while I try to follow a low-fat, low-sodium diet, Jim has to follow a low-sugar diet. Unfortunately some of the very best foods for me are the very things he has to avoid, and vice versa, so it’s a balancing act.

When the folks at Healthy Choice asked me to do a series of reviews for them, I quickly agreed. We’ve enjoyed Healthy Choice products over the years and I was psyched to write about some of their newer offerings, especially in the context of the way we eat now.

First up, Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt.

Jim and I try to enjoy dessert on the weekends only, unless there’s something special going on during the week. That said, sometimes when we’re sitting around at night watching television one of us will declare, “I have a sweet tooth” and then the search for a tiny snack to satisfy that will begin. When I checked out the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt package, I was impressed. Each little cup contains only 100 calories (with 4g of protein!).

Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Dark Fudge Swirl

The flavors available are:
• Dark Fudge Swirl: Creamy Greek Frozen Yogurt made with dark, decadent fudge swirl for an irresistible 100-calorie treat perfect for a nighttime chocolate fix.
• Strawberry: Blended real strawberries made with refreshingly tart Greek Frozen Yogurt for a delicious low calorie treat.
• Vanilla: Premium, aromatic vanilla beans blended perfectly with creamy Greek Frozen Yogurt to create a 100-calorie treat.
• Raspberry: Juicy raspberries paired with the fresh tartness of Greek Frozen Yogurt for a healthy treat worth savoring.
• Blueberry: Lush blueberries folded into velvety Greek Frozen Yogurt for a treat that’s so rich you’d never guess it was 100 calories.

The flavor we decided to try first was the one that was chosen by Shape Magazine as their 2013 Snack Awards “Best Night Bite”: Dark Fudge Swirl.

Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt Dark Fudge Swirl

The Dark Fudge Swirl has only 2g of fat and 11g of sugar, which makes it a very good “Jim AND Melisa” snack. It was also delicious, which made me very happy. The texture of this treat is smooth and creamy, and the taste has a teeny bit of tartness, which I love. (Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt is made with real nonfat milk, yogurt cultures and dairy protein, which all work together to create that awesome taste and texture.) I also really loved that when I was finished with the cup, I felt like I had eaten a real dessert: it was filling.

You don’t get that feeling from a piece of dark chocolate, my friends.

We tried the Vanilla too (not at the same time, silly!), and it was also awesome. In fact, it made me see the future, as in “I will often be eating Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt in the future.”

You can find more information about Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt on their website, and right now there is a coupon you can print for $1.00 off, so go go go! Healthy Choice is also on Facebook, of course.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review of Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt by ConAgra. Pictures and product information was provided; opinions are all mine!