The Listmaker Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

As my boys have grown, it’s been very interesting to see which personality traits they’ve inherited from Jim and me. While I have felt terrible when we’ve discovered certain that some of the less desirable characteristics have been passed down—cough, cough, procrastination, cough, cough—I have laughed a little bit at others. Here’s an example.

This conversation happens several times a week in my house, year-round:

Jim: “What do you have going on today?”
Me: “Ugh, so much. My to do list is miles long.”

To do list 1

This conversation happened on Tuesday:

Jim: “What do you have going on today?”
D: “Ugh, a lot. My to do list is six and a half miles long.”

What can I say? There’s nothing better than a good to do list, except for someone who has a high level of appreciation for a good to do list.

To Do list 2


  • Grandma W

    Well that is 3 generations of To Do Lists. I know your Dad doesn’t like to see them, it usually means there is something for him to do on it. But that is the way the cookie crumbles.
    Grandma W

  • Skye

    It was in our vows that C-Man is supposed to help me check things off lists for as long as we both shall live. He is so NOT a list person that I’m waiting to see who Boy Detective ends up taking after.