Blue Man Group Chicago: Indescribably Fun

Let me just get this out of the way: I have seen Blue Man Group Chicago more times than any other show in my life.

Jim and I have been in the audience so many times that I honestly cannot remember how many times that has been anymore. To say that we love the show would be a vast understatement.

Now that you know that little bit of trivia, it should be no surprise to you that when the Marketing Manager for Blue Man Group Chicago contacted me to ask whether I would be interested in some free tickets in exchange for a blog post about the show, I wasted no time in taking her up on her offer. (There’s my disclosure: I did indeed receive complimentary tickets to the show in exchange for this post. Pictures were furnished by Blue Man Group but all opinions are mine, as usual.)

The problem is, Blue Man Group is the type of show that cannot be adequately described.

The end.

Kidding. But only about the “the end” part.

Let me dip my toes into trying to tell you about the show without actually telling you about the show by copying and pasting from the Blue Man Group Chicago “About” page:

Remember that time when you were little and one of your imaginary friends took your hand and led you into a world that looked like yours only brighter? No? Me neither. That’s what Blue Man Group is like.

Blue Man Group combines music, technology and comedy to create a form of entertainment that defies categorization and appeals to people of all ages. Blue Man Group’s shows have been described by critics as “innovative,” “energetic” and “wildly entertaining.” But the only way to truly understand Blue Man Group’s global popularity is to see the show for yourself.

See? You have to experience it for yourself. The folks at Blue Man Group have a huge sense of humor. The show is silly, fun, smart, creative, colorful, fast-paced, interactive, and so much more. If you like music, especially percussion, you will LOVE IT. Trust me.

Anyway, I mean, how would I explain something like this?

BMG Gi Pad

Or the finale (my favorite), which looks like this?

Blue Man Group Finale

What I can tell you is that since we first saw Blue Man Group Chicago in 1998 or 1999 (It’s been at the Briar Street Theater since 1997), they have updated it (twice, I think), not only to take out various pop culture references that would seem antiquated today, but also to add more technology, more color, more…MORE.

The show makes you laugh and think and dance (yes, there is dancing!) and, occasionally, squirm for a second or two. The following things may or may not be a part of it all: paint, marshmallows, cereal, and balls. Lots of balls (see above).

After the show, the Blue Men themselves hang out in the lobby and will kiss your program with their blue lips and interact with you in other ways (except talking because Blue Men don’t talk).


The show is great for all ages, and in fact though they have always had a minimum age of five years old to be in the audience, they’re reducing it to three years old starting in mid- to late-February.

When you go—and I’m saying WHEN YOU GO because after reading this how could you not already be on the website ordering tickets???—make sure to look at the Outdoor Art Gallery. Blue Man Group had a art competition last summer, and the five winning masterpieces are hanging in the lobby but their 10′ X 10′ reproductions are on the outside wall of the theater, and will remain there until 2015. Three of the winners were local (Chi-town represent!) and the other two were from California and Missouri.

I love this quote from Chris Wink, one of the founders of Blue Man Group: “Art has always played a key role in Blue Man Group and it is part of our mission to foster creativity in all of our initiatives. We are thrilled by the pieces these artists have created, as they truly capture the unique spirit of joy, innovation, and creative self-expression we strive for in all our endeavors.”

Blue Man Group Outdoor Art Gallery unveil

So what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets! And I’ll probably see you there, just sayin’.


  • Paula @ Frosted Fingers

    Of course… that David got to 5!!! (And now I have to wait 3 more years or find a sitter.) I love love love Blue Man Group! I’ve yet to see it in Chicago, though. I saw it in Vegas ( went all by myself because I HAD to see it) and I also brought my husband to see their traveling rock show..

  • mags

    I LOVE BMG. I went to the one on Boston years and years ago (before I lived here) on a date, and it was amaze-balls. Just a really, really wonderfully interactive, lively, hysterical show. Love them…how lucky you were to get free tickets!

  • Skye

    I saw a Blue Man Group show years ago in Boston, with very bad seats even, and afterwards I could barely even describe how cool it was. I think I did some “omg” and waving of hands and “you have to see it!” Saw them again at an outdoor venue in Austin with Venus Hum and Tracy Bonham and it was amazing. I am kicking myself that I missed them here recently, I need to get organized!