Welcome To My New Home!

After ten years of blogging at Suburban Scrawl, I finally decided to re-brand and pick up where I left off here, on the domain I purchased nearly two years ago and then proceeded to ignore…until now. Although the “blogging for a decade” mark was the final push I needed, I knew when we purchased a home in Knoxville proper rather than in a suburb–oh, I tried! I tried!–there was no avoiding dumping the old familiar name in favor of, well, an older and even more familiar name…my own.

Moving Day

The site design is and will remain a work in progress as I make tweaks here and there on a (semi) regular basis. I chose a theme that is change-friendly and hope to use more of my photography on a rotating basis.

I have imported all of my old posts (thanks so much to Casey for helping me sort that out!) so everything is still in one place, and will pick up right where I left off with occasional writing on whatever amuses me at the time. I plan to place extra focus on travel writing since I’m always on the go and even put the Travel category in the margin so those posts will always be upfront and easy to find.

Soon I’ll place a redirect on the Suburban Scrawl site and you won’t be able to visit there anymore; that means the Facebook page will also be obsolete. Would you please do me a solid and “like” my new Facebook page? All of my other social media handles remain the same (@MelisaLW on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

So, welcome to my new home! Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of me here, especially this month: I’m keeping with my tradition of attempting to post every day as a part of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Crazy, I KNOW.

Thanks for stopping by!