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It’s the End of My 2017 Travel Season.

I adore traveling, but I have been away from home so much this year that I am actually thrilled to have just returned from the last trip of 2017. I’ll be hanging out around the house until the beginning of February, when my 2018 travel season begins with a trip back to Savannah. By the way, I’m pretty sure that having a personal “travel season” really isn’t a thing. I just like the way it sounds.

While I’m spending the next couple of months in my favorite place (here at home), other places will still be in my head. I’ll be going through my travel photos and creating hardcover scrapbooks Jim and I can actually hold in our hands. It has occurred to me that I have taken thousands of really nice pictures but I have to know what I’m looking for if I want to revisit them on the computer, so that’s going to change. Besides, I needed another project. *wink*

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