Coca Cola Freestyle -ing It.

As a long-time soda/pop/Coke drinker (don’t judge), I have always been partial to products from the Coca Cola company.

Even though I am being given a gift card by Coca Cola to write this post, I have no problem sharing with you that when I worked at McDonald’s while I was in high school, the New Coke controversy was going on and not only was it hilarious to have customers asking if we had New Coke or “Old” Coke in our machines–and then be furious when they found out we stocked New Coke–but it was also personally thrilling when Classic Coke was reintroduced and New Coke went bye-bye. (Sorry, Coca Cola. You know you agree.

Anyway, for as long as restaurants have served soft drinks, customers have typically gotten only five or six choices: usually a cola, a diet cola, a lemon/lime variety, a root beer, and a lemonade.

Breaking news: those days are over. Meet the Coca Cola Freestyle machine.

Coca Cola Freestyle: A more handsome machine you will not see.

What’s so great about that? I’ll tell you: over ONE HUNDRED beverage choices. Isn’t that crazy? That means that no matter what kind of soda/pop/Coke you’re craving, you can have it with a couple of simple touches of the screen. (You can even mix a bunch of different flavors together, creating your own funky mix: my kids always wanted to do that!) The Coca Cola Freestyle machine even includes flavors not available anywhere else!

Here’s just one screen:

Less than ten percent of the choices found in a Coke Freestyle machine...

I am fortunate enough to have a restaurant that houses a Coca Cola Freestyle machine only about a mile from my house, so if I suddenly have the need for a Cherry Vanilla Coke or a Classic Coke with Lime (my two faves), I can get over there and home in five minutes. With the addition of the totally-user-friendly touch screen, the machine works exactly like other fountain machines you’re used to: you push your cup back on the lever for ice, and then after you select your soda/pop/Coke you just press the button to dispense it into the cup. Easy peasy!!

You can get more information about the Coca Cola Freestyle machine on their Facebook page, and find out if there’s one near you here! Follow Coke Freestyle on Twitter @ccfreestyle!

By the way, in case you’re curious, here’s a list of the choices available. You should probably sit down for this.

Cherry Coke
Cherry Vanilla Coke
Coke with Lime
Vanilla Coke
Raspberry Coke
Orange Coke
Diet Coke
Diet Cherry Coke
Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke
Diet Coke with Lime
Diet Vanilla Coke
Raspberry Diet Coke
Orange Diet Coke
Coca-Cola Zero
Cherry Coke Zero
Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero
Coke Zero with Lemon
Coke Zero with Lime
Coke Zero with Orange
Coke Zero with Raspberry
Vanilla Coke Zero
Caffeine-free Diet Cherry Coke
Caffeine-free Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke
Caffeine-free Diet Coke
Caffeine-free Diet Coke with Lime
Caffeine-free Diet Coke with Orange
Caffeine-free Diet Raspberry Coke
Caffeine-free Diet Vanilla Coke
Sprite with Cherry
Sprite with Grape
Sprite with Orange
Sprite with Peach
Sprite with Raspberry
Sprite with Strawberry
Sprite with Vanilla
Sprite Zero
Sprite Zero with Cherry
Sprite Zero with Grape
Sprite Zero with Orange
Sprite Zero with Peach
Sprite Zero with Raspberry
Sprite Zero with Strawberry
Sprite Zero with Vanilla
Mello Yello
Mello Yello Cherry
Mello Yello Grape
Mello Yello Orange
Mello Yello Peach
Barq’s Vanilla
Diet Barq’s®
Diet Barq’s
Diet Barq’s Vanilla
Pibb Xtra
Pibb Xtra Cherry
Pibb Xtra Cherry Vanilla
Pibb Zero
Pibb Zero Cherry
Pibb Zero Cherry Vanilla
Dasani with Cherry
Dasani with Grape
Dasani with Lemon
Dasani with Lime
Dasani with Orange
Dasani with Peach
Dasani with Raspberry
Dasani with Strawberry
Dasani Sensations – Cherry
Dasani Sensations – Grape
Dasani Sensations – Lemon
Dasani Sensations – Lime
Dasani Sensations – Orange
Dasani Sensations – Peach
Dasani Sensations – Raspberry
Dasani Sensations – Strawberry
Fanta Cherry
Fanta Fruit Punch
Fanta Grape
Fanta Lime
Fanta Orange
Fanta Peach
Fanta Raspberry
Fanta Strawberry
Fanta Zero Cherry
Fanta Zero Fruit Punch
Fanta Zero Grape
Fanta Zero Lime
Fanta Zero Orange
Fanta Zero Peach
Fanta Zero Raspberry
Fanta Zero Strawberry
Hi-C Cherry
Hi-C Fruit Punch
Hi-C Grape
Hi-C Orange
Hi-C Orange Vanilla
Hi-C Raspberry
Hi-C Rasberry Lime
Hi-C Strawberry
Minute Maid Cherry Lemonade
Minute Maid Fruit Punch Lemonade
Minute Maid Lemonade
Minute Maid Orange Lemonade
Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade
Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Cherry Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Fruit Punch Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Orange Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Raspberry Lemonade
Minute Maid Light Strawberry Lemonade
Powerade Fruit Punch
Powerade Grape
Powerade Lemon
Powerade Lime
Powerade Orange
Powerade Raspberry
Powerade Cherry
Powerade Strawberry
Powerade Zero Cherry
Powerade Zero Fruit Punch
Powerade Zero Grape
Powerade Zero Lemon
Powerade Zero Lime
Powerade Zero Orange
Powerade Zero Raspberry
Powerade Zero Strawberry
Seagram’s Sparkling Seltzer Water

Shew! Now I’m thirsty. Be right back, after I hit up my local Coca Cola Freestyle machine!


  • Mom24@4evermom

    Oh my gosh, there’s a restaurant in our town that has this machine and Jacob and Julianna are ga-ga for it. Normally I try to limit how much soda they’re allowed to have, but it would be mean to say no to this. Jacob tries and tries to get some of every one of the non-diet options. Tonight most of what he tasted was the peach Sprite. Interesting. 🙂

  • Dawndi

    This is amazing! The list kinda makes me think of Bubba describing the different varieties of shrimp to Forrest Gump. 🙂

  • Grandma W

    Unbelieveable, it will probably take years before it gets to Knoxville. But hope not. I usually just drink water but this sounds fun.

    Love Grandma W

  • Tara R.

    There’s one of these dispensers in a local restaurant. I remember as a kid when we’d ask for one of these soda mash-ups, we called it a ‘suicide.’ Ah… the good old days.