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Two Years.

It was two years ago today when I moved back to Knoxville after 26 years of living in my beloved hometown (well, the greater Chicagoland area). First: I can’t believe it’s been two years. Second: I wish I could go back and tell the pre-move Melisa, who was terrified of the change and very upset about leaving the greatest city in the entire world, that not only was everything going to be okay but also that she could let go and be assured that this move would lead to a season of life that would be one of her happiest.

Jim and I have had way too many adventures to count in the past 24 months, a great combination of travel and local fun. We live in our favorite house ever in an absolutely beautiful area and have welcomed many loved ones to our guest room. We live close enough to our parents, my sister, and old friends to stop by whenever we want, and we have made wonderful new friends, too. Also, we don’t have to deal with snow.

While the only two things missing are our sons, we see them on a regular basis and have enjoyed watching them from here as they continue to soar in their own endeavors up North.

I’m still not a fan of big change, but I hope that the next time we move to a new area, if we have to someday, I will be faster to embrace all the good stuff and remember that so much happiness can be around the corner when I least expect it. Thanks for a great two years, Knoxville! (and Jim!)