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    Not the First Time I’ve Written About Change and Probably Not the Last, Either.

    We were at the bar for Trivia Night recently when I looked around from my perch in the front corner of the room, our favorite place to sit. As I glanced at what was happening around me I realized that the scene looks basically the same every Tuesday night we’re there. Outside of our comfy chairs, the tables are full of other trivia teams, most of them regulars like us. The beertenders (because this is a beer bar; they don’t serve hard liquor) are smiling and chatting with customers. The young girls who work at the Mexican restaurant next door enter the bar every few minutes with food orders, glancing…

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    Up Close And Personal

    Yesterday I was walking south on Michigan Avenue from Tribune Tower so I could meet a friend at the Cultural Center. As I approached Lake Street, I glanced upward (as I often do; I’m always looking for photo opportunities!) and noticed a mural on the side of a building that I had never seen before. That’s pretty amazing since I have walked by that corner approximately twenty five bajillion times in my life. Anyway. I saw this mural, and I could tell that it was vibrant in color but couldn’t see the whole thing due to the fact that the adjacent building was blocking most of it from where I…

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    The Ride

    I was going to write a really cool post about how, yesterday, I was finding some great parallels between riding a bike and life itself. I was going to write about how interesting it is that, just like in life, when you ride a bike it doesn’t do you much good to look behind you very often, but it serves you well to keep a good eye on what’s coming up, both up close and in the distance. I was going to write about how, with just a quick decision or sometimes by accident, you can take a different direction altogether. Sometimes it ends up fine, and sometimes it doesn’t.…