• Autumn Leaves Nov 2020
    I've Got Mad Skillz,  Pretty Pictures

    Always Learning, Sometimes Annoyingly.

    On any given year, people travel from far and wide to see the fall colors in this area. Great Smoky Mountain National Park is, obviously, full of trees. The spectacle they put on every October into November is truly magnificent. Each autumn since we’ve been back in Knoxville, Jim and I take a drive (or two) up into the park specifically to try and catch the peak colors. We don’t go on the weekends because tourists clog up the roads just as much as they do on a bright and sunny summer day. We have to work the visit into our weekday schedule, which can be dicey. We have always…

  • When there is no struggle
    Something That Could Change Your Life

    What Will We Carry Away From Spring 2020? (Strength, For One Thing.)

    Believe it or not, summer begins this weekend. It’s a welcome change after a spring that seemed about a decade long, am I right? We’re still dealing with a lot, unfortunately, but I like to think that with a new season comes new hope. There has been so much learning going on, on so many levels. While I haven’t enjoyed Spring 2020, I’m certainly better off for it and I hope that better days are ahead (eventually, I know I know!) for all of us. Have you taken some time to think about lessons you’ve learned in the first part of 2020, what you’ll carry with you forever? Here’s my…

  • I've Got Mad Skillz,  The Dailey Method,  Working On My Fitness

    Apparently I Wasn’t Meant To Take The Easy Way Out.

    Something interesting happened on Saturday. It was my fourteenth day in a row of working out at The Dailey Method (Go, me!) and I was looking forward to taking the basic class (they call it “Principles”) because on Friday I took the advanced class (they call it “Dailey Deeper”). When I was on the computer setting up my class reservations, my thought was that after not having a day off in so long AND taking the advanced class on Friday, I would dial it back a notch on Saturday. When I walked into the studio I stopped at the desk to sign in for my Principles class and noticed that…