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    From Malibu To Malibu

    If you’ll head over to my ad-free page I’ll tell you what my recent (okay, SORT OF because it’s been two months!) GM vehicle loan and solo road trip had to do with my last solo road trip. I will also answer the following questions: 1. What scared the you-know-what out of me during the drive? 2. Who did I visit on said road trip? 3. What is the most boring stretch of midwestern interstate? 4. What is the deal with women and cupholders? You’re dying to know, right? Check out my review by clicking here.

  • Review

    Road Tripping with the Chevrolet Malibu: It’s the Little Things

    Over the summer* I drove a Chevrolet Malibu for a week, through several states. (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, in case you were curious.) It was super-fun. Driving new, clean cars is ALWAYS super-fun, you know? Adding to the fun was the fact that this was my first road trip with a borrowed GM vehicle that was a car and not an SUV or a truck. Don’t get me wrong: I have LOVED driving those big vehicles, but this was a great change. It was just Jim and me, so we didn’t need a huge amount of space like we do when we’re traveling with the whole crew. The…