• I'm Apparently Old.,  UGH.

    Check Yourself.

    I came up with an amazing idea the other night after Jim and I enjoyed an evening at the theater. As we slowly worked our way towards the door to exit the building, we had to continually halt our pace and switch directions to avoid running into the folks who decided it was okay to stop and chat directly in the path of thousands of people who just wanted to get home. It was the worst, of course, right outside the doors on the sidewalk. My idea? Install moving sidewalks in all of those public places where this happens on a regular basis. Okay, I know my idea is ridiculous…

  • Confessions

    All You Need To Know About Me Is Right Here.

    The videos from the 2014 season of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER are now on YouTube! Naturally I’m a little biased and highly recommend that you watch the Chicago show first (the playlist in show order is HERE). That said, I did visit the Madison, Milwaukee, and NW Indiana shows and they were awesome too, and I will be watching ALL of the other ones at some point, likely after the conference-that-shall-not-be-named-so-I-don’t-make-more-work-for-myself. You can catch all of them too, by going to the LTYM YouTube channel. Here’s my “very Melisa” reading from this year’s show.

  • Music

    Come With Me And Escape

    Do you ever hear a song that was released years and years ago on the radio, and even though you’ve been singing along with it all that time you—at some point—started truly paying attention to the lyrics and, among other things, marvel at how times have changed? No? Just me? Okay. Anyway. Since I happen to have spent time on some pretty fabulous beaches last weekend and my brain continues to be obsessed with paradise as I get readjusted to real life (and Chicago winter weather UGH), I thought it would be a great time to give you an idea of what goes through my head every single time I…