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    Enjoying the Ritual

    One of the things I’m known for is the ability to be highly productive. I may procrastinate like nobody’s business, but typically I don’t let most people see me sweat. I’m excellent with deadlines and lists, and I like to think I multi-task fairly well, even though the truth is that nobody really multi-tasks well. It’s been about a year and a half since I worked full time (plus more, with the Listen To Your Mother show). I’m freelancing right now and contracted with a hospital in Ohio on a very part-time basis. Oddly enough, my productivity has suffered. Actually, it’s not odd to me: I have known the truth…

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    Tradition Indicates That I Write About This Tradition

    If you celebrate Christmas, right about now you might be preparing for a special dinner with family, finishing up some last-minute shopping, wrapping, or assembling, baking those cookies to leave along with milk for Santa, or having fun doing some other festive activity. Here is my traditional wish that your holiday is everything you hoped it would be, and that you get to spend it with exactly whom you want. As for Jim and me, you already know what we’re doing tonight and tomorrow: Enjoy the holiday, whatever that means to you!

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    While You’re Doing That, We’ll Be Doing This.

    Just wanted to take a moment to say “Merry Christmas!” to all of you who are celebrating. I hope you have exactly the kind of holiday you want and that it leaves you with a smile on your face. The Wells Family is doing our traditional Christmas Day activities: we’ll be in the movie theater for at least one (“Anchorman 2”) but maybe two (“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”) movies, and then Chinese food for dinner. Right after we do all of this other stuff: Merry Christmas (or Happy Humpday) to all of you!

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    Birthday Traditions: Make A Cake And Eat It, Too.

    A couple of weeks ago we celebrated J’s 17th birthday. SEVENTEEN. As in, “My younger–and last born–son is seventeen.” It would be really hard for me to believe if there weren’t a trail of rainbow-colored crumbs all over our family photo albums*. You see, around here birthdays mean one thing: beautifully decorated rainbow cakes (the insides are tinted in various colors). It’s a tradition my mom started, and what I love about it is the thought that goes into it, resulting in the birthday honoree feeling extra special. I remember how creative my mom was with birthday cakes when we were kids. Over the years, she made me a Holly…