Getting out of Dodge

I haven’t been on the blogs much the last couple of days…I’ve only been able to comment on a few, which is sad for me because I love to read them! Other than the thing at work on Sunday, I’ve been getting ready for our little trip. We’re headed off to Tucson, Arizona so the husband can ride in the Tour de Tucson this Saturday.

You might wonder why we are flying all the way across the country (with frequent flyer miles, thank you!)so he can ride his bicycle for 109 miles. Well, he loves Arizona…and I’ve never been there. Two guys he works with do this ride every year, and he thought it would be nice if we went together. Without kids. (yay!)

We won’t be leaving the kids home alone, if you’re wondering. They’ll be taken care of by the perfect person for the job: Aunt Julie. We’re really excited about going, and the kids are really excited that Aunt Julie will be in the hiz-ouse! We’re taking a laptop so I will probably post a couple of times, hopefully with pictures…and if not, then I’ll post photos when I get back!


  • Kat

    Have a great trip. I love Arizona. I’ve only ever been there once but I loved it Mesa, Phoenix,Flagstaff and Fountainhills…awesome. Enjoy the time away

  • Jules

    The fort is being held down. Boys are fine; and by the way, D is officially 5’7″. Roxie is sleeping on her bed. I’m getting ready to switch laundry. I’m practically domesticated.

  • Melisa

    Thanks Kat!

    Julie: Yay! I had no doubt everything would be fine. And 5’7″? He keeps claiming 5’8″. Ha!