If You Haven’t Tried This, You MUST.

Although pieces of Ricardo (the turkey) still sit in my refrigerator (that sounds GROSS, doesn’t it??), all nine of us (us 4 plus Julie plus both sets of our parents) are headed off to a fanta-bulous dinner tonight at Texas de Brazil. My mouth is watering right now, just typing about it. If you don’t have a TdB in your area, then–my goodness–you’re going to have to put your house up for sale immediately: YES, even in this crappy real estate market!

You see, TdB is a Churrascaria, where tall, dark, and accented men walk around with all kinds of different meat on skewers. When you are ready to be approached, you take the little disc that is on the table in front of you (everyone gets their own), and turn it “green side up”. (Green is for “Go”, Red is for “STOP, FOR GOD’S SAKES! I’VE EATEN ENOUGH MEAT! GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES TO DIGEST!!!”) At that point, you will be swarmed by men carrying the meat I mentioned earlier. They tell you what it is and you say if you want it or not. When you have had your fill of meat, just turn the disc to “red” until you’re ready for them to swarm you again. There is also a huge salad bar that has way more on it than salads, and you get a couple of side dishes, and there are lovely desserts that are to die for.

This is no “anyday” restaurant…for us, anyway. It is expensive (we are going today with a 50% off coupon so it’ll be more manageable, but still…) but one of the best dining experiences our family has ever had. Other Churrascarias (if you don’t have a TdB, look for one of these) are Brazzaz, Zed 451, and Fogo de Chao.

Enough talk! I’ve got to get ready to get to dinner!


  • Melisa

    Ugh. We got rid of a TON of the leftover desserts from Thanksgiving, but not the TdB stuff, of course. We ate that while watching Amazing Race. I hate food.

  • Kat

    Are you serious? That’s like a neverending stream of meat…I would die in there…hmmmm meat…drooling all Homer like

  • Jen and an N

    Tall dark men parading their goods before you…taunting you with their meat. Hmmmm. I’ve heard places like this are popular among the gay male crowd. I wonder why? LOL!!