Pink is the New…Awww, It’s Just Pink For This 12-Year-Old

Conversations with a twelve-year-old are rarely dull. They can range from hilarious to bizarre to adorably thoughtful and sweet. Yesterday afternoon I had a hilarious exchange in the car with my own twelve-year-old.

Background information: A couple of years ago, he LOVED the color pink. When pink was available for choosing from colors, he would pick it right away. He walked around saying “Pink is PiN-pin'” (Like “Pink is Pimping”, only with an ‘n’.). He thought he was very cool. Then, as you would expect, he dropped the color pink like a hot potato once he got to middle school.

Flash forward to yesterday in the car. We were driving home and saw one of our neighbors (a man) wearing a bright pink t-shirt. The twelve-year-old said, “HA! He’s wearing pink!”

Me: “So?”

Him: “Boys aren’t supposed to wear pink.”

Me: “Why not? What’s the big deal? It’s just a color.”

Him: “It’s a girl color.”

Me: “No, it’s not. I’m wearing a blue jacket. Should I not be wearing blue because I’m a girl?”

Him: “No, you’re fine. That is LIGHT blue.”

Me: “Who made up these supposed rules about color??”

Him: “WELL, I learned in second grade that only girls are supposed to wear pink and boys are supposed to wear DARK blue.”

Me: “What happenned to that rule a couple of years ago when you were all into the pink? Wasn’t that fifth grade?”

Him: “Yeah, but I was cool. I was bucking the system.”