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A Scene on the Road

Like so many other families, we’re on the road today. Jim and I are headed north with my parents and sister, in the same car. Usually we take two cars when we’re all together, so this is new.

My dad and sister are in the two middle seats and my mom is in the back. It’s been a relatively quiet trip so far, but after our last pit stop things amped up a little bit. And by “things”, I mean my dad.

My sister is trying to read her book, mom is crocheting, and I was playing a game on my phone. (Jim, driving.) Dad suddenly got bored so he started doing one of the things he does best: annoying my sister.

“What are you reading? Can you concentrate? What about now?” Multiply that times a hundred and you’ll get the idea.

She keeps demanding that he bother somebody else (“like your other daughter!!”) but he won’t, hallelujah. He told her that I am busy navigating for Jim, even though they all know I am not. My mom is trying to distract him by asking about our trip to Maui (about which I already filled her in) and making small talk like “Lunch sure was good, wasn’t it?”

Meanwhile, I’m laughing my head off while my sister raises her voice and says, “Dad! Stop! Leave me alone!! Why don’t you just go to sleep!!!??? POWER DOWN.”

“Power down” is my new favorite and I plan to start using it as much as possible.

Only three hours to go!