Merely Wearing An “It Sucks To Be Me” Shirt Is Way Better Than Really Believing That It Sucks To Be Me

I spent most of the day and evening on the couch yesterday, ringing in the New Year like all people should: with a severe sinus infection and in no mood to move. The day wasn’t bad, though: I’m lucky to have a husband and kids who are very kind to me when I don’t feel well. This is partially due to the fact that they are just great guys, but also because I rarely stop moving–ever–and when I keep my butt on the couch they know that I really, really don’t feel well. (I even went to the doctor in the morning: another indication of my state)

Immediately upon returning from the doctor’s office I put on my favorite loungewear: my jammie pants and my Avenue Q t-shirt:

The twelve-year-old has a great laugh whenever I wear this shirt, because it is so NOT me, but I love it. It brings back great memories of a great show Julie and I took in last fall in NYC. Here’s the cast performing on the Tony Awards. Do not be fooled: just because there is puppetry does not mean it’s for viewing in the vicinity of kids…or your boss. That’s your warning!

By the way, those of you in Chicagoland can see Avenue Q for yourself in all its naked puppet glory when their tour (YAY!) hits the Cadillac Palace Theater from May 21 through June 7. Julie and I will be there, for sure!

2007 was a great one for me and my family for many reasons (No, it does not suck to be me!) and we’re looking forward to what 2008 has in store for us. I wish all of you great things in the year ahead as well! Happy New Year!


  • Melissa

    The guy in the black shirt and pants in the front is staring in a kids show now called Johnny and the Sprites. He sure can sing.

    I’m sorry to hear that your feeling poorly, seems like everyone is sick lately. Here’s hoping some time on the couch will help you to feel better. With this weather there is no better place to be.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  • Kat

    Happy New Year Melisa. I am sorry to hear that you are not well but hope that your guys will take good care of you.

    Thanks for sharing this great video. OMG I had such a laugh…it sucks to be me…gotta remember that. Oh and that song, well I could not get it out of my mind…hehe I am still humming it.

    Get better soon and all the best for in 2008.

  • Jules

    It sucks to be sick! Does that mean that The C’s didn’t come up? Man…..I hope you’re feeling better today.

  • suchsimplepleasures

    oh…feel better. hey, i would have gone outside with a sinus infection, too…just to get the heck out of my house and hide from my kids.
    well, have a happy and HEALTHY new year!
    have to go pack lunches…kids start school tomorrow…YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, it’s Dawn! It’s a good thing we didn’t come up! You and Scott would have been quite the pair! He was kind enough to share his disease with me, so now I’ve got the creeping crud. ugh.

    Hope you’re feeling back to your old self soon!

  • Melisa

    Dawn: Ha! I totally would have been re-energized with your arrival. Hopefully we can do it next NYEve! By the way, thanks for telling me you would DEFINITELY be up til after midnight and then going to bed early. LOL I felt terrible when Scott answered and said you guys were sleeping! Eeeek!