Shameless Plug, Part Two (or, “Dragging This Out For One Extra Day”)

Thanks for everyone’s nice comments! I really, really, really feel all warm and fuzzy with everyone’s enthusiasm.

Two additions to my book information:

1. If you would like the html coding to put a cute little amazon link to my book on your blog (see mine on the right!), e-mail me and I will not only be happy to send it to you, but will also think about you every night as I am spraying my pillow mist.

2. I forgot to mention that my book is still a part of Amazon’s “4 for 3” special, meaning that you can buy any combination of 4 books that are classified as being part of the special, and only pay for 3 of them. That means that you could buy one of my books and three others, 2 of my books and 2 others, 3 of my books and 1 other, or you could even buy 4 of my books…and only pay for 3! What a deal!


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    go to…the little thingy on her post, the scrolling saturday one…that’s a mr. linky. have no idea how to explain it but it somehow links all the participants so we can go to each others posts!