You’ve Heard of Mom & Baby Workouts…

It’s a busy day so I plan on a longer post tomorrow, but this was just too funny. It’s in the 50’s in Chicagoland today and all the snow is melting for now. No time to waste: I took Roxie for a nice, long, 70-minute walk this morning to tire us both out and to fulfill my commitment to myself to improve my workouts. We came back sweaty (probably just me) and filthy (mostly her) and I decided to do some arm work and some ab work using the fitness ball I got for my birthday.

Then, this happenned.


I guess she thought I had done enough for today.

UPDATE: It must be something in the air: check out Katie’s blog entry for today here!


  • Melissa

    Wow, maybe she wanted you to bench press her for a bit…70 minutes? my legs are screaming in torment…

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Hey, maybe you’re right! I’ll have to ask her what her intentions were.

    The 70-min. walk wasn’t bad at all, however I discovered that my crappy gym shoes aren’t going to cut it. It’s been way too long since I’ve replaced them and I’m off to do that right now!

  • Jules

    I think she fancies herself as your trainer, and was trying to add her usual resistance, albeit in a different form. 🙂

  • k a t i e

    …or maybe she just wants to keep going! I have a similar photo of my workout, I’ll post it now 🙂

  • suchsimplepleasures

    even my husband thought that was hysterical!!! 70 minutes!!! you need to move to michigan…then, we could walk together…i’ll even bring my dog but, it would be mostly her running with me flying behind her!
    have a great night!!

  • Melisa

    All good theories!

    Luckily my workout this morning didn’t involve the ball; we went on a walk (in my new shoes, thank goodness!) and then I used the Bowflex. Now I’m done for the day. Yay!

  • zamejias

    I think it’s soooo cute. And I revel at how you stayed in that position for long. I couldn’t have done that!
    But of course, I’m so lazy…heheh

    BTW, I came from Melissa’s blog.