In A Bahamian State of Mind

It’s been a super-busy day and I have about 10 posts floating around in my head (and I have to do a meme I was tagged for by Melissa too!), but if I don’t get off the computer in five minutes I will have no “down time” before bed, so I’m keeping it short…

Yay! I finally got a CD full of photos that I’ve been waiting for since July 2007. What’s so great about these photos? They were taken by one of the other two adults who was on the boat with us for our Boy Scout High Adventure trip to the Bahamas last summer. Yes, I took almost 500 over the week, but I wanted his 100 or so photos to make sure I had every moment possible on film. I have lots of stories I can share about the trip, but today I will merely tease you with a few of my fave photos from the collection that I took.

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  • Melissa

    I love that one of you in your masks. You can totally tell that is you and your son.

    The palm trees are beautiful and your son jumping off the boat is perfect. I would have that one framed.

  • Kat

    Aaaw Melisa you’re killing me here. It is freezing outside and the weather is horrible and you tease us with pictures from the Bahamas? You’ve got to be my evil twin hehe

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Yep, that story is definitely coming one of these days. I love that photo too.
    Actually, the boy jumping off the boat is not my son, but I adore that photo. The one of my son is quite funny, (I’ll post it maybe later…) but not a great photo. 😉

    Aunt Doody: Yes, he does love good hair. 🙂

    Kat: Tee hee, sorry! Just keep looking at the photos and you’ll warm up. 🙂

  • suchsimplepleasures

    great pics…and, it really reaffirms how badly i need a vacation…even if i have to go with some random cub scout or girl scout troop…you don’t think they’d notice, do you?
    i’m getting around to putting that awesome badge up!!!
    i really appreciate it!!