Happy Birthday To My Love

It’s my love’s birthday today!

(He never reads this blog unless I specifically tell him I want him to, so I shall do that this evening…)

Happy Birthday to you! I know today is pretty low-key, with it being a Wednesday/workday and all, but we will have a lovely dinner with the boys and of course you’ll open the presents that I spent $5,000 on…err, I mean, the presents I bought within the constraints of our budget!

Of course, since this is your birthday post I will go on about how fabulous a person I think you are. Because I really do! From the day when I saw you, “holding up the wall” outside the boys’ bathroom at FHS wearing that denim jacket that I adored, I knew you were the One.

I made the decision to stalk you and it was all over from there. Learning your class schedule from our mutual friend Stacy and then rushing from my classes to the very hallways where you would walk from English class to the locker bay, I was a busy girl. I was thrilled when Stacy told me you had just moved to the other side of my neighborhood. That had to be a sign, right?

When I saw you jogging by my house one day because you were in training to go to Boot Camp after graduation, I used to “check the mail” if I knew you would be running by.

By the time I finally got up the nerve to do one of the most embarrassing things I had done (to that point in my life, anyway!) and drive up in the ole’ Caprice Classic while you were outside playing hackysack, getting out of the car, giving you a “welcome to the neighborhood” note, and then getting out of there as quickly as possible, I guess I seemed mysterious or something and you called me. Although I can’t look back on that day without shuddering, it truly was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. And hey, what courage for a 16-year-old girl, right? No regrets, ever.

Caprice This probably isn’t the right year model, but heck, I’m a girl. Close enough.

I was looking through the “less than 15” photos that I have of you as a child, and decided that you wouldn’t appreciate my posting them, so I am not going that far back. I will just start with a select few that I personally enjoy:

I took this photo when we were dating in high school.


Speaking of dating, although you laugh and shake your head everytime I hear songs from back then and declare, “This reminds me of when we were dating!”, I know that you love it when I point that out. I started listening–and enjoying–Judas Priest, AC/DC, the Scorpions, and many more ONLY because you liked them. Why else would a bee-bopping 1980’s girl who loved Madonna, Berlin, and Adam Ant (Definitely not in that order. I know that you would be able to put them in the right order though, wouldn’t you?) listen to that stuff?

Here’s a photo from right before your senior prom. We double-dated with Kate and her boyfriend.


Here’s a photo of you, on the ship. I’m thinking it was the U.S.S. Barney but I’m not totally sure about that. I love this picture.


You are such a wonderful husband and father and not a day goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for you. You are my support, and you are my balance. Although you tend towards the “glass half-empty”, you know exactly when my “glass half full” is leaning in that direction and you turn yourself around to balance me out. I appreciate that so much.

Mostly I am just amazed that you have wanted to spend your life with me, the crazy stalker girl with all the goofy ideas who procrastinates every task until the last possible minute. You don’t even blink when I spout off craziness, and that is truly a miracle to me. When we went out for our anniversary dinner and I looked you in the eye (after that martini & glass of wine) and said in dead-seriousness, “So tell me, what do you think it is that makes us the extraordinary couple that we are?”, you smiled and just answered me! I mean, that question–though valid–sounds completely ridiculous! But you didn’t think so.

You are a great cook, and you do just as much housework as I do. You will patiently show me how to do “guy stuff” when I ask you to, and you are one of the few husbands I know who can do home improvement projects with his wife (that’s me!) without feeling like we’re going to kill each other. Your willingness to be partners in marriage is something I appreciate more than you know.

You don’t watch sports very often, and although I think you watch entirely too much educational “crap” like the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, etc. (ha!), you’re still alright with me. I appreciate that you have the patience to sit with me on occasion while I watch “Gene Simmons’ Family Values”, “The Apprentice”, and the one or two other reality shows–okay, maybe 3 or 4–that I enjoy. Someday I’ll get you to watch “Project Runway” with me so you can see what you’ve been missing.

Your “outside of the family” love is bike riding, and your dedication to it is inspiring. I was so proud of you at the Tour de Tucson. Here’s to many more years of 100+ mile rides (with your GPS, of course).

P5280016 The boys and I had a great time doing “Bike the Drive” with you last year. Can’t wait til we do it again!

I really love watching you be a father to our boys. You are fair, (mostly) calm, and treat them with the same respect that is one of the pillars of our marriage. It’s so great that we have a teen and an almost-teen who still have involved conversations with us and want to spend time with us. Your “Family Above All Else” policy is so important to me and I admire you for making adjustments in your career choices to make sure we are all hunky-dory.

You also love the outdoors and camping. When you and the fifteen-year-old went to Philmont in 2006 it was life-altering and I’m thrilled that you two could share that experience. I’m doubly thrilled that you two are going again, with the younger boy, in 2009. What fun you’ll have! (and I’m trying to figure out what the heck I’M going to do for 10 days!)


I had to throw this one of the Saguaros in there, because I know that you love Tucson…

I will end with “our song”, which still gives me chills everytime I hear it. Who ever thought that the life of a Navy man was so similar to that of a Music man?

Obviously, I think you are the greatest guy in the world. You deserve a Happy Birthday today and many, many more. I love you, love you, love you and will love you forever! Happy Birthday!


  • Kat

    Happy Birthday. I think you are married to an awesome woman. What a post. I hope you guys had a great day celebrating.

  • suchsimplepleasures

    happy birthday, melisas hubby!!
    that was an amazingly wonderful declaration of love from your wife!
    enjoy the day!

  • Dad

    Melisa..wonderful blog! I know you love Jim very, very mich because it shows. I think that’s great! I love him too! He IS my son! I’m so proud of him and his many, many accomplishments. He’s a great father, husband, and person. He’s become a real man and a man’s man! I respect him a great deal and he never stops making proud of him! You made a great choice in a husband Melisa!