Dog Eat Dog, part two…OR, What Happened to Bobo??

Watch this adorable Petsmart commercial. I don’t know if it’s still in rotation, but when it was on quite often, I would stop everything to watch it.

The other day when the boys and I were at Walgreens, we found a blue dog just like the pink one in the commercial. Wouldn’t it be so cute if Roxie became attached to Bobo and carried him around everywhere? The chances of that happening were quite slim though, knowing her history. She’s never met a stuffed toy that lasted longer than 10 minutes, except for the flying monkeys that she plays with on a regular basis. Although we knew what the blue dog’s fate would be, I spent the $3 anyway.

First, she whisked him away to her secret hiding place:

After showing her that the dog had some squeaky talent, she once again took him to her lair, and then briefly abandoned him under the table in favor for a quick (but failed) attempt at begging some food off of Jim in the kitchen:

Finally trusting us enough (well, maybe only a little), she chewed on him ever-so-gently on the living room rug while we squeaked him…and then ran off with him:

And then, finally, it was curtains for Bobo. First she worked on ripping his heart out, through his fur. Eventually she got the squeaker out and all of Bobo’s pieces had to be thrown in the trash. I can only show you part of the carnage, due to its graphic nature:

Bobo the Blue Dog

January 19, 2008-January 19, 2008



  • suchsimplepleasures

    poor little bobo…didn’t stand a chance!!
    we bought a pink one for our dog…luna. she is part rott part shep. 80 pounds of salivating, slobbering, tail chasing, needy love.
    she tore the thing to pieces, within minutes, and carried the stuffing-less, squeaky-less shell, around for days…until, i couldn’t stand smelling it anymore!!
    hilarious videos…cute pup!

  • LunaNik

    I used to have a german shepard that did the same thing!!! I miss having a dog…((sigh))

    wandered over from hope for the hopeless…was wondering when you wanted to arm wrestle 😉

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Yes, “determined” is a good word for her! 🙂 I feel bad for Bobo: we knew he was going to be destroyed but still brought him home…I’m starting to feel guilty. LOL

    SSP/Melissa: Wow, 80 pounds, huh! I’ve never had a dog that big before: can’t imagine. Eeew, dogs love smelly stuff, don’t they?

    Lunanik: LOL We can armwrestle anytime! But maybe we should have a cooking contest? Ha ha Giada is awesome.

  • Kat

    OMG that first commercial is hilarious. I love how the check out girl swipes Bobo and the dog because he won’t let go.
    Roxie seems really fond of that thing. Are these Bobo whatchamacallits filled with something special?

  • Melisa

    Kat: Forgot to respond to this! Sorry! Yes, they have two squeakers in them: one on each end! I think Roxie’s attraction is just because she likes to destroy stuffed animals of any kind. Go figure!

    Amy: hi! I would love red more than the blue because red is my favorite color! I’m impressed that yours is still around though. Lucky!