What a Weekend!

Well, our son is finally a “Man in Jews”!*

I don’t have much time this morning to post about it because we’re exhausted and it would actually be infringing upon our pre-scheduled “Family Pajama Day”, but I wanted to check in with the blog world and tell you that everything yesterday went FABULOUSLY. I’ll post more over the next couple of days, especially when I get the good photos back from Julie and the funny ones back from the disposable cameras we put on every table, for our guests to use. These photos aren’t great but they’ll do for now! More soon!

*Background story: Some time before our older son became a Bar Mitzvah, I took him to the store to buy a new pair of shoes. He had grown out of the children’s sizes and the salesperson referred us to the men’s section. My kid exclaimed, “I’m a Man in Shoes!” When he became a Bar Mitzvah (which, when a boy or girl turns 13, is when he/she is considered an adult within the Jewish community, able to lead community worship and able to take responsibility for religious obligations), he said “Now I’m a Man…in Jews!”


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