The Grocery Store Can Be Soooo Romantic

We were in need of a few grocery items, and Jim was going to run to the store. I said, “Hey, want some company?” We left the kids home (you folks with younguns don’t know the joys of doing this yet, but ohmygosh, you’ll love it when it’s your turn!) and took off, with my “$10 off a $50 purchase” coupon in hand.

Our local grocery store is in the midst of a Grand Re-opening Weekend because they just remodeled. We parked the car and entered the store. Jim offered me something from the in-store Starbucks because he wanted a coffee and didn’t want to drink alone. LOL

We picked up his coffee and my hot apple cider and strolled towards the produce section. Due to the celebration, there were samples set up everywhere. I turned to Jim as I sipped my apple cider and said, “You know, this could almost be like a real date!!” He agreed and we went to try some lemon cake in the bakery.

Although we didn’t try every sample, we did partake in a few of them as we checked items off the grocery list. I kept joking about how romantic this was.

At the checkout, we paid for our purchases and were told that we had randomly been chosen to win an iPod Shuffle! Woo hoo! What a great ending to our “date”!

Now we’re home, and the “fantasy” is over. I’d love to post more (maybe later?), but my pile of ironing awaits.

Oh, goody!


  • Melisa

    Squiggy: I KNOW! FUN!

    Melissa: Come on down! It’d be worth the little drive! (But I think they are probably done tonight: we were the 145th Shuffle out of 200 they were giving out this weekend…)

    Shannon: Welcome! Ooh I know: once you can leave them at home it’s the most amazing feeling! (Well, after you spend a few times totally freaking out that they’ll open the door to a stranger or set the house on fire! LOL)

  • Kat

    That sounds lovely. It really, really does. Given the fact that since I hate shopping this a very brave statement.
    It sounds like something I could get used to. Plus you got a Starbucks in your supermarket? Now I am totally destroyed. No wonder you enjoy the odd shopping spree (even if you’re not into coffee really)

  • abritdifferent

    I’d love to get to that point…wow. Then again, if we have to go to the ‘big city’ and not just the local (more expensive) stores, we’re looking at a 45 min drive each way. That’ll never happen!

    Congrats on the shuffle, that’s so cool!

  • Melisa

    Manic: I know, way cool!

    Kat: Yes, we have Starbucks in many of our grocery stores now. I’m not a coffee addict so I don’t get a drink often before I shop (I also don’t like spending that extra $4 very often!), but it is a nice thing. 🙂

    Siobhan: Oh, it’ll happen alright. Once your kids are old enough, you’ll totally make it a date to go to the store or dinner in the “big city”, even with that drive!