Am I Stalking Her, Or Is It the Other Way Around???

You are NOT going to believe this. I was just lunching at my local Panera with a friend from our temple. Well, that you may believe. This is the unbelievable part…

As my friend was telling me a story, I looked up and caught a glimpse of a familiar-looking bright pink jacket.

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Any guesses? Click here for a hint.

I thought, “Nahh…couldn’t be!”

I didn’t want to be rude to my friend, so at that point I didn’t say anything. Shortly thereafter, I saw the pink jacket and her friend walk around the corner towards the back of the Panera, either to get a drink refill or to go to the restroom. At that moment, my friend excused herself to go to the restroom and I took that opportunity to grab my cellphone and hit the number (it’s on speeddial)*.

She answered, “Hellooooo” or “Whazzup” or something funny like that.

I hissed, “Are you in the Panera?”

She said, “Shut up! How do you know that??”

I said, “Because I’m here too. Look arouuuuuund…”

She said, “I don’t see you; where are you?”

I said, “Look to your left, around the corner!”

I peeked my head around the corner of the wall so she could see me, and we both burst out laughing. She came over and when my friend came back, I introduced them.

“J, this is Manic (I used her real name though!). We met online.”
(It was HILARIOUS to say that.)

We had a good laugh. Now I’m wondering who is stalking whom, especially because I literally have not been to that particular Panera in almost 3 years. It made for a fun blog post though, and Manic, if you’ll notice, you now have your own label here at Suburban Scrawl! LOL

02 20 08 1400
*The exact details of the wording in the phone conversation are sketchy in my memory, but it was really funny.


  • Kat

    Awesome! I am a little bit disappointed though. No tiaras? But you are my royal evil American twin sister. How can you meet up with Manic (even if coincidentally) and not whip out your tiaras (I am sure you both carry in your purses just in case such a meeting like today’s occurs) LOL

  • Melisa

    Siobhan: Way cool! Funnier still, since I hadn’t been to that Panera in ages and Manic lives in the next town over, about 20-25 minutes from me!

    Kat: I know, I know, no tiaras. I forgot to post that I accidentally broke mine the day after I gave blood. I have to go shopping for a new one…I should probably do it today. LOL

  • Melissa

    Well darn, I was asked to tag along today…I could have met you, too. Instead I was at the freaking doctor. I miss all the good stuff!!

  • Mags

    That’s fantastic! But I have to admit that I thought you thought that you were my stalker…in my post today I make reference to my stalker!!

  • Melisa

    Melissa: Don’t worry, we’ll meet up soon! Do you have a tiara? 🙂

    Mags: Ha! When I read your comment I did remember reading your post earlier today. What a co-in-ki-dink! (Is it a real stalker? I hope not!)

  • Manic Mom

    Hey, check out the bottom of my post where I haven’t been able to put up the winners yet, you stalker you!!!!

  • Jules

    Is this like that Johnny Depp movie, “Secret Window”, in which he has a stalker but at the end we find out he’s just a lunatic and is stalking himself? I mean, I know you guys have photos of the 2 of you together, but has anyone else actually BEEN THERE to prove you’re in fact 2 separate people????
    House of Jules

  • Melisa

    Joodie: Good point! I guess we’ll have to make sure that someone else is there the next time we “coincidentally” run into each other. LOL

    Can I get a witness? hee hee

  • SpAzzGiRL

    When I think I see someone I know, I always wait til they see me first…comes from the many times I’ve run up to hug someone and as I got closer realized, duh! that’s not her!! LOL

  • Melisa

    Spazz/Simone: LOL, I’ve done that too! I have to admit I did a double-take because I kept thinking, “No, that can’t really be her…”