No, Not THAT King…

I was looking through some old-ish photos to get inspiration for a quick post today, and found this one. Recognize this famous house?


No? How about one of the gates?


Did you guess Graceland, home of the late Elvis Presley? Ding, ding, ding! You’d be right!

I was there in 1999, with the two boys. And my Mom. And my sister.

Wait. Let’s pause for a moment.

I’m just realizing how old I feel right now because I cannot for the life of me remember what the circumstances of this trip were, so forgive my faded, rusted memory. Stick with me; the punchline will pay off. (and my sister will either correct or add to my story in the comment section, I’m sure.)

Where was I? Oh yes. Memphis. At Graceland. So it was 1999 and D was about 7, J about 4. We stood outside the gates on our tiptoes, trying to see what we could because we were only passing through and didn’t care to pay for the tour (though I distinctly remember going across the street to purchase Elvis postcards and mailing them at the Elvis/Graceland post office so they would have the rubber stamp indicating where EXACTLY they were mailed).

D said, “Mom, whose house is this?”

I answered, “It belonged to the King of Rock and Roll.”

He said, “You mean Ricky Martin?*”


  • Jules

    I wasn’t there, unfortunately, but you guys DID send me an Elvis postcard. I did go with mom a few years later when I was helping her move from Mississippi.

    Other than all of that info, you got the story 100% correct from what I heard about it!

    You should totally be shaking your bon bon right now!
    House of Jules

  • Sue

    Isn’t it great to have a sister to back up a story years later?! And all you got her was a ‘lousy’ Elvis postcard?

  • Melissa

    Oy, blasphemy! I went in ’91…on my first honeymoon (and now you know why I’m divorced ;))

    Ricky Martin…blech!

  • Kat

    OMG coffe+hearty laugh=spillage. I was laughing so hard…it is good to be back. I missed you and your stories.

  • Andie


    I went to graceland in 2003 with some girlfriends. Funny stuff. there is a room in there that is floor to ceiling shag carpet! LOL

  • Melisa

    Aunt Nudie: Ha, thanks. As I said on the phone, the origin of the photos was confusing to me because there were pics of you in there too, from YOUR visit. 🙂

    Sue: Yes, it is fab! I really hope she can hold onto her memory longer than I’ve been able to. hee hee. HEY! That was a cool postcard! And she collects them, so she liked it! Cut me some slack, Jack! 🙂

    Melissa: I’ll try to post about something you’ll like better next time. Bwahahaha!

    Kathy: Thanks! Thanks! ROFL!

    Kat: I missed you too, you evil twin, you!

    Andie: I sorta wish I had been able to take the tour, but it just wasn’t possible on that trip…maybe next time (???) I swing by Memphis…