SERIOUSLY…Is It My Birthday?

A heavenly evening is this one:

I am alone in my house, wearing comfy pants, eating pizza and watching the Season Premiere of “Dancing With the Stars”. The dog is sleepy and staying out of trouble.

That’s all I have to say for now…I’m not going to waste another minute on the computer…gotta get back to the couch: Adam Corolla is getting ready to dance!


  • Kat

    That is what I call a great night in. The house entirely to yourself? The dog asleep and you are the sole ruler over the remote control???? Heavenly bliss indeed. Enjoy

  • Mom24

    Go you! I’m jealous. Enjoy it for all of us. Isn’t it amazing what a time sucker the computer is? Unbelievable. I hope you get another perfect evening soon…like that will happen!

  • Melisa

    That’s right: GO me! Of course, they all arrived home 15 minutes before the show was over, and after pausing it to say hello, I ended up watching the 15 minutes in increments of about 30 seconds each because THEY KEPT TALKING TO ME and I had to keep pausing!!!!

    But overall it was a great night. LOL

    Janice: I’m not sure if they show was better than finishing a FINAL PAPER (GO YOU!), but it was pretty good! The ladies dance tonight!!!

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