I Normally Don’t Squander Favors…

…but I am a competitive person. My buddy Joeprah is having this contest through July 4: a bunch of us are competing to see who can refer the most people to his blog.

I think the most important thing that can be learned from this exercise is that Joe is a marketing genius, and we have alot to learn from him. (and I’m not just putting that out there because he said in Contest Update #1 that I am one of the nicest people he’s met in blogland in recent months) You see, he is offering some kind of prize* to the person who gets the most people to click on the adorable Joeprah ad (down there, to the right…see it?). By playing on our respective competitive spirits, he is getting others to join in on pimping out his blog.

I posted the Joeprah photo link within seconds of getting his e-mail/newsletter about it, and though I did not win anything for my quick action (I checked! LOL), I am now pressing forward and asking you…nay…BEGGING you to click on it each and every time you come here to visit me.

Huckdoll has brought the pain and is currently in first place, and because I am just a *wee bit* competitive, I’m asking for your help in raising me above my very respectable 5th place. Can you help a sista out? Thanks so much!

*I can’t even remember what the prize is, and I really don’t care. I’m doing this because I’m just that kind of Nice. And because I like to win.


  • House of Jules

    Are you trying to blind me with this tiny type? Methinks you forgot to take the small command off of your last post or somethin’.

  • Melisa

    Is that better? For the love of God, I have no idea what is going on! I had to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 because it was freezing the computer up every 10 minutes, so we reverted back to Explorer 6 and I downloaded Firefox to use also, because IE6 doesn’t show the righthand column on my blog…UGH!!!

  • Huckdoll

    Oh my gosh, you’ve made me want to click for you.

    I hear you about the prize, it’s not like it’s a Range Rover or anything 🙂 It’s all about the competition and the fact Joeprah deserves some promo and blog friend support 🙂 Glad you’re in it!