Just In Case I Couldn’t Figure Out Whose Kid Gave Me The Cards…

Time for some Mother’s Day card-posting! First, the card that Roxie “picked out”. Here’s the front:

Inside on the right:

In case you are having trouble with Jim’s handwriting, it says, “Woof! I asked Dad to get me a card to give you for Mother’s Day and he told me there is a huge opportunity for card writers for pets, cause this was the best card he could find. Roxie”

Inside on the left:

“Thanks for taking me on walks and spoiling me with treats and getting my butt squeezed and all the other wonderful things you do for me. I’ll lick your face as soon as I finish licking my butt.*”

And now, best for last, the cards from my kids:

*I shudder to think of the kinds of google searches that will bring people to this post…


  • Andie

    That is so cute! I got one from scruffy too!

    and methinks you should come stop by my blog. 🙂 Just because, you may be interested in something I’ve recently posted….

  • House of Jules

    You’re Unbelievable brings me right back to my first year in college, which is scary since it came out right around the time D was born. It’s SO unbelievable! (rimshot)

  • Michelle

    That’s so cute… and yeah, I can imagine that there’s going to be a line of from the pet cards coming out any day now. There are lines of everything else already!

  • Dea

    GOT to love the Chicken Dance – it’s my fam’s favorite!!! WOOOO!!!


    I LOVE the one D did himself!!! AWWWW!!!! So cute!!!

    Gotta love boys! 😀

  • Kat

    You’re family simply rulez!!! The cards are hilarious and you can tell that they have really put some thought into them.

  • Colleen

    Oh funny…”I recorded this for you…on a card!” reminds me of the Mother’s Day video your sister posted the other day. :O)

    Hope you had a great day!

  • KathyLikesPink

    Girl, you have totally got the midwest accent thing goin’ on! Doncha know.

    Very cute cards! I love the last name thing.