She Nailed It Right On the Head (Narrowly Missing My Tiara)

I got the most adorable card yesterday from my girl Sue, from As Cape Cod Turns. Check it out!


She said that she found it and thought of me. Now THAT really warmed my heart. I think about my blogging friends all the time, during all kinds of different circumstances. What about you? Do you do that, too?

Naturally when any German reference shows up in front of me, I’m thinking of my evil twin, Kat. The same goes for Australia and my much, much younger bloggy sister, Katie. I think of Melissa whenever I pass a Chili’s, because we will be meeting there in the near future. I think of Kathy when I see a bunch of pink stuff all at once, and I think of Andie when I see anything having to do with Paris or New Orleans. I think of Siobhan whenever I watch Craig Ferguson. After this week, I will think of Soapbox Mom whenever I get irritated that a tennis match is displacing my favorite television shows (and I will smile, of course!). I could go on for days (please don’t be insulted if I didn’t mention you…trust me, I’m thinking about you!) but I think you get the idea.

Anyway, getting back to my adorable card from Sue…I must share with all of you that she used FIVE DIFFERENT COLORED MARKERS to write a sweet note on the inside. Now THAT is creativity, people!

And I want to show you the envelope, too. Click it to read my adorable little notes.

Would you look at that? She is a creative person, a happy person, and you know what else? She should totally be wearing a tiara. She embodies the Tiara-wearing spirit, so I hereby award Sue with the Tiara-wearing Blogger Award!


You go, girl!


  • Kat

    Awwww Melisa. That is so sweet. The card, your warms my heart too and Sue is really creative and totally deserves to be a member of the tiara wearing blogger club.

    Admittedly I do think a lot of my blogger friends. It is like they are extended family 😉

  • Sue

    Hi MeliSa, Sorry about the 2 s thing. My BFF from 1st grade is a Melissa with 2 “s”es. And YAY, you are really bestowing the Tiara award?!? I am completely touched! That will add some seriously sweet bling to my blog! (and prestige!)
    I couldn’t believe the girl on this card was riding a bike too!
    And yes, obviously I think about my bloggy friends. I am just relieved that you do too! Maybe I am more normal than I think!
    Glad that this brought a smile to your face!

  • Lindz

    JEALOUS! 1) Because you got a card that is so cool and has so many colors. I miss my college days when my friends and I used to do that for each other. Maybe I should bring the tradition back to life?

    2) Because of the tiara award. I might have to go home and put on my bday tiara too.

    3) We should create tiaras-for-all-occassions and sell them! Not super nice ones, but come on! WHat an idea, no?

  • abritdifferent

    I think about blog friends all the time — especially you. You would think then, wouldn’t you, that I would come over here more often.

    If you ever need another postcard from somewhere out west, give me a hollah.

  • KathyLikesPink

    That is extremely cool. And such a perfect fit for you – COOL!

    I am not crafty in the least. However I love coloring with magic markers. Maybe I should just roll with that…

    I think of blogger buddies all the time too. In fact I have to go write a post that I hope will surprise everybody else as much as it surprised me…

  • Melisa

    I’m happy that we’re all thinking about each other: Now THAT’S good karma! 🙂

    Sue, you totally deserve the award. In fact, I want Lindz, Kathy, and Siobhan to have it also (Kat was given an award in my inaugural presentation way back when). So girls, you go ahead and snag that award and wear it proudly!

    Lindz: You totally should revive your old tradition. It’s fun! And OF COURSE making tiaras and selling them would be a great idea! (I actually have had a–ahem–similar idea in my head for a time now…more on that later!)

  • Crazed Mom

    How fun! I got gourmet popcoen from a blog freind of mine today! She’s mostly home bound so I send her stuff every now and again. Today I got the surprise. Awesome card!

  • KathyLikesPink

    I graciously accept the tiara and will wear it with pride (and dignity. and something pink…)


  • Melissa

    So far no doctor’s appointments and Joe has the day off…yippee! Chili’s here we come!

  • angie goff

    ahhhh I love those line of cards one little boutique in SC sells them! They are so uplifting and I agree very perfect for you occasion!

    What a great pal!

  • Momo Fali

    So sweet! I love the associations you’ve made with different bloggers. I do that all the time! I’d be scared to know what people associate with me though!

  • Andie

    you are too sweet! any time I see cheeseburgers, beagles and chicago (on the show my boys) I think of you! 🙂

  • Melisa

    Crazed Mom: I know! I love when the mailbox holds a surprise!

    Kathy: You’re welcome!

    Melissa: YAY! I’m looking forward to our long-overdue lunch!

    Angie: I have seen them before online, but never in person. They are truly adorable.

    Momo: I also wonder what people associate with me. LOL

    Siobhan: You’re welcome!

    Andie: It’s all true! I forgot to mention fleur de lis’s (probably improper plural usage, but whatever) as well. 🙂

  • Mags

    What a fantastic surprise for you! Doesn’t it make you feel so great when someone thinks of you out of the blue?

    And yeah-she’s WAY creative!!