Random Thoughts

I hate when people shorten the name Kathy to Kath, as in “Thanks for stopping in, Kath.” I am fine with almost any other name abbreviation. Don’t ask me why.

I am SUPER excited about Project Runway Season 5. I agree with Tim Gunn: the group of designers selected to compete are the most diverse, ever. (Kelli’s winning dress made out of coffee filters, thumbtacks, and vacuum bags was amazing!)
rate runway 15 501 I can’t wait to see the beautiful creations and tragic trainwrecks that they create in future weeks! Yippeee!

Don’t apply for a job at a high-end salon (or any other place, for that matter) if your voice mail message says “at the tone, leave a message for *insert name here*, that sexy b&*$h.

I heard yesterday that the price of oil went down by $10 per barrel and I felt a little pride about all of this bike riding I’ve been doing.

My legs are tired.

I can’t believe that my kids’ summer vacation is halfway over.

I can’t believe that they are leaving this Sunday for a week of summer camp and, for the first time, Jim is not going for a partial week. (Second honeymooon? ha ha)

I can’t believe that I forgot to blog (after the fact) about the last week in June when ALL THREE OF THEM went away for a week and I was alone for that long for the first time since 1991.

It was amazing.

That’s the week I went to Chicago for the day and did all of that fun stuff!

I have to teach a legs class before work today.

My legs don’t want to.


  • Kat

    Yay I love the random stuff. Wakey, wakey Melisa’s legs. Don’t you know that she’s gotta teach a legs class?

    Also hooray for the second honeymoon week! That’s gonna be wonderful and weird all at the same time. Enjoy!

    Don’t tell me that voice mail message was real. It couldn’t be or could it?

  • KathyLikesPink

    Can I send Darling Daughter and The Hubs off to camp too? I WANT TIME ALONE!!!!

    Speaking on behalf of THIS Kathy, I will just say that although I like my given name (Kathryn), I have never liked KATHY. In my era in school there were always a gazillion of us. So, anything other than KATHY is fine by me.

  • Andie

    Wow. only half done. most of the kids are going back to school here in about 3 weeks.

    Have a good time! 🙂

    and I hope your legs feel better!

  • Melisa

    My legs are now more tired, but I got through class okay. I felt better knowing that everyone else was in agony from what I was putting them through. (hee hee)

    And yes Kat, that was a real message: can you believe it??? Needless to say, we won’t be interviewing her.

    Nukedad: It should be fun! I’ve planned some lovely meals and, outside of our work schedules (and me going to probably see “Mamma Mia” by myself on my day off), it’s all me and him. Should be nice. We haven’t told the kids, but we’re driving up to camp on Friday to participate in the Family Dinner with them too.

    Kathryn: WHY then, do you use Kathy Likes Pink? Why doesn’t Kathryn Like Pink? You silly goose!

  • Anissa@Hope4Peyton

    I hope there’s lots of fun and canoodling while the kids are gone. And leg massages..lots and lots of leg massages…or whatever you call it.

    BTW, I might just have to start watching that PR, coffee filters? Genius!