This Afternoon’s Tears Are For A Different Reason.

I’m not going to do too much of a lead-in on this one because I think it speaks for itself. This is a “Live Chat” between me and Jesse from Home Depot’s website. At first I was picturing Jesse to look exactly like John Stamos, but I am confident that you will notice the exact point where that mental image slowly faded away into something way less attractive. Enjoy!

Jesse: Welcome to Home Depot. I am a Major Appliance Product Specialist. How may I assist you today?

Melisa: Hi there. I just sent an appliance repair person away because she told me it is going to cost $300 to repair my 2-year old Whirlpool dryer that I paid about $399 for. I am researching other brands and want to stay as close to the range of $375-475 as I can. She told me to stay away from maytag, but that only leaves me with GE. Can you provide any assistance?

Jesse: I’ll be happy to help you!

Melisa: Also, I have a sort of unique issue in that the place where the power cord connects to the back of the dryer MUST be towards the top. Our laundry room is in the basement and the outlet is above head level.

Jesse: There are other brands besides GE and Maytag.

Melisa: I guess I just want to make sure that I get something dependable with a recognizable brand.

Jesse: LG is also a good brand.

Melisa: It’s a little out of my price range, though.

Jesse: I see.


Jesse: What’s your price range?


Jesse: $375-475?

Melisa: Yes.

Jesse: We only have GE and Maytag in that price range.

Melisa: Right. I can see that by looking at the website.


Melisa: Okay, well, thanks. I guess I can pretty much handle it from here.

Jesse: You’re welcome.

Jesse: Was there anything else I could do to assist you today?

Melisa: No, I think you’ve given all you can give. Thanks.

Jesse: Thank you for shopping with Home Depot! Please close the chat window by clicking on the gray close button in the upper right corner of your chat window. Please take a few moments to complete our customer survey. Have a wonderful day!


  • Melissa

    Yikes, that’s pretty helpful. I’ve also had horrible luck with Maytag…will never purchase one again. This was after I sent back 2 defective units…

    I don’t know if Whirlpool’s are in your price range but we’ve had good luck with them.

    We bought ours from Lowe’s.

  • Melisa

    Yes, he should totally get some kind of customer service award.

    Unfortunately, Whirlpool is what we’ve got. Ugh. The GE that I’m looking at has a bunch of 5-star reviews, so we’ll see what happens…

  • Aubrey

    Ok, I'm laughing. You're welcome and is there anything else I can assist you with??? I would have said for what you & you didn't help me with anything you idiot! Ya, SO NOT John Stamos.

    Thanks for stopping by to tour Colorado today!! Hope to see you back soon!

  • House of Jules

    One word for you: outsourcing. I will bet you cold, hard cash that “Jesse” was assisting (and I use that term only in the ironic sense) you from a remote location on another continent, and that english is not Jesse’s first language. GOOD JOB, HOME DEPOT!

    You should think about pasting that into an email to all the higher-ups at their corporate office and I’m not even kidding. If you want me to track down some names for you, let me know.

    House of Jules

  • Michelle

    Melisa – you’re near Chicago, right? Head on over to ABT. Immediately. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Go there. And haggle with them over their wonderful products with people who actually know what they’re talking about. Seriously.

    Oh, and I finally did a spin class. Sorta. I blogged about it today. I was planning to be so proud of myself, too….

  • k a t i e

    That was utterly hilarious. I thought I was the only one who had terrible customer service that makes one feel they’re going insane.

  • angie goff

    Brilliant Idea Melis! I should’ve saved my recent online customer service chat with BANK OF AMERICA that had the EXACT same outcome. It was the most ridiculous waste of time. I could’ve killed at least 13 of the 43 minutes of waiting on “hold” on the phone for a human to answer. I found these for you.. but like Jesse I don’t have an answer when it comes to getting them from the bay.

  • Anonymous

    OMG – THEY’RE AS BAD AS THE LIVE HELP ON EBAY!!! I have gone as far as saying “Are you helping multiple other people at the same time because it sounds to me like you’re not paying attention and these long pauses are rediculous”. They never come out and directly deny it… they skirt around it. Now I am all irked thinking about STUPID EBAY – DID YOU KNOW IF YOU SELL STUFF, YOU CAN NO LONGER LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK? BUYERS CAN SLAM YOU AND YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE!!! IT’S TERRIBLE!!! sorry to vent… have a great weekend!
    –Weather kim in DC

  • Tamie

    now-a-days it is just so convenient to chat with a customer service person rather than talk with them on the phone…you get someone faster that way too…sorry that your mental image had to scadoodle, doesn’t seem like her was a too bright fella!
    thanks for stopping by my place yesterday!

  • abritdifferent

    It’s almost more useful to contact the respective companies directly, other than going through the supplier , as you so eloquently have proven. I’ve found most of the time, they don’t know much more than what is posted on the website.

    That sucks about your Whirlpool. I really wanted a Whirlpool front loader when we got married, but it was so costly ‘back then’ and not so many people were buying them. I grew up with a front loader and was used to them. We ended up with a Frigidaire which, surprisingly hasn’t given us any jip. *knock knock*

    Good luck on the hunt!

    P.S. Have you looked at or buydirect? They sell stuff with a massive markdown.

  • Sarah

    Wow. Bill Engvall would have said “Here’s your sign”

    Oh – and about the comment about ebay from weather kim — I TOTALLY 10000% agree that ebay is a total rip these days, and sellers are forced to take it. How on earth is it fair that you can’t leave negative for someone that doesn’t even PAY?

    Sorry … I needed to vent too, apparently.

  • Melisa

    Aubrey: Thanks for having me over! 🙂

    Julesie: Yes, I’m definitely thinking about doing that. They need to know.

    Michelle: Too late! LOL

    Katie: No, you’re definitely NOT the only one!

    Ang: Wow, thanks for taking time out from your Potbelly sandwich (oh wait, that was today wasn’t it?) to look for my new appliances!!!!

    Kim: First of all, don’t you still have your blogger account at all so you can sign in and we can all see your lovely face when you comment? Second, wow, I didn’t know that eBay changed that. Thanks for the warning…that’s annoying!!!

    Tamie: No…thank you! 🙂

    Siobhan: Good to see you back here! Hope your food poisoning has gone away!

    Sarah: Glad I could give you some vent space. LOL

  • Anissa Mayhew

    Not laughing AT you, laughing NEAR you.

    Had to buy hubs a w/d combo and we hit craigslist and got a damn near new one for less than $200. Check and see if anyone’s moving.

  • Dea


    BTW – check Fry’s – their clearance appliance section is ALWAYS full of dryers….and on clearance you can get a $700+ dryer for $400 or less….dryers are ALWAYS the ones that wind up in the clearance as they’re the ones that most often last longer….:D

    I have an Amana washer – ADORE it – if you can get one of those on clearance, jump! LOL!