Take Me To Your Leader!

I was going through photos this evening (that’s right: I made a little bit of time to do something I didn’t HAVE to do!!!) to find something for an upcoming post, and found this gem. I’m desperately hoping figuring that someone will get the answer to this question right away…tell me, what is the reason I am wearing this so-not-a-tiara kind of headpiece? (*I* know…I just want to see if *you* know.)


Melisa, circa 1974-75?



  • Mags

    Oh, but I have no idea why you would have it on your head-except for the fact that you were a freakin’ cute kid and must have had one heck of a sense of humor.

  • Melisa

    Hey Mags! How the hell did you get to this so quickly??? You totally must have been sitting there, waiting for me to post. Hilarious.

    But I am not divulging the correct answer yet. 🙂

  • Michelle

    You were going to be Marie Antionette (or an alien) for Halloween and needed to try out the wig. Am I even close?

  • Sue

    Are you someone from Saturday night live? Or was Jules beating you up so badly at that age that you had to wear protective head gear?

    Whichever, you were very cute!

  • nukedad

    Your parents were concerned about your motor skills, or you got a new bike for your birthday. Guess those are kinda the same thing.


    Dolly Parton is your Aunt and you fell headlong into the left side of her bra.

  • GoteeMan

    1) You were wearing this mind-barrier helmet to protect you from Dr Xavier being able to read your thoughts.

    2) It was Halloween, and you were going as either:
    a) a hat pin
    b) a martian
    c) a chrome q-tip

    3) you were guest hosting SNL, as Harry’s sister, “Massive Headwound Melissa”, but with better style and taste than Harry…

    4) You hadn’t yet put the matching body suit of the “Silver Sumo” costume…

    5) You got too close to the “Venus Fly Bra”?

    I give up… do tell…

    J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

  • oh my GOFF!

    you wanted to be a hot air balloon for halloween?

    ps- I find it HILARIOUS that below before I can post my comment the “word verification” box wants me to re-type r-e-o-l-l-a

  • Weaselmomma

    Okay, it’s either:
    A. A bridal shower gone totally wrong.

    B. You’re parents were waaay concerned about head injuries.

    C. Halloween costume as some freakish alien.

    D. To prevent you from stuffing your head into the toilet.

  • SpAzzGiRL

    Please tell me that is a blow up?
    I had a halloween costume very similar at around that time that blew up to form the costume part which in my case was an alien head.
    Sadly my mother didn’t believe in documenting her offspring back then so there are no pictures but I have been looking for someone to back me up on these 1970s blow up thingies.

  • Astrogirl426

    The only thing I can figure is that it’s part of a costume for something like Holly Hobby, and that’s the “hair” to make you look like her (all those cartoon girls had those big heads back then). Can’t tell if it’s inflatable, tho something about it doesn’t look like it.

    I’m wondering if you have a pic of you in the rest of the costume!

  • Melisa

    Sue: Julesie and I never laid a finger on each other. Bwahahahahaha!! (not)

    Goteeman: I LOVED Massive Headwound Harry! Until the dog started licking his headwound. I get totally grossed out everytime I see that! (But it’s funny!)

    Weaselmomma: I liked the one about toilet drowning prevention. Creative!

    Hey Simone! Nice to see you around! 🙂 It is not a blow up (I just put up a new post w/ the answer) but I will absolutely back you up on those. 🙂

  • k a t i e

    Oh my giddy aunt.

    Were you conducting some sort of microwave/static electricity experiment? About to dust one of those 1970’s bulbous shaped light fittings? I give up!

    You aren’t gonna hold out and not tell us now, are you?

    And also…. I would never have concluded to the fact that was a bra *looks downward and feels like she’s back in high school alllll over again*